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Beer and wine bucket

We are doing self serve beer and wine for our preceremony "happy hour". I am looking for something to put the bottles in with some ice but what UN coming up with is either too small id like 20bottles of beer to fit or they have too much condensation on the outside.
Any suggestions?

Re: Beer and wine bucket

  • How formal or casual is your reception?

    If it's informal/casual, I've seen people use colored plastic tubs that you can find at any major retailer (K-Mart, Target, etc).

    If you want metal, you may find them at the above stores, or check out Bed, Bath & Beyond. I think I've seen large galvanized tubs there, which might be a bit more "dressy" than plastic.

    Depending on the weather, you may not be able to get away from having condensation build up on it. Trust me, no one will notice.
  • Condensation is a problem on wood floors, and a problem on any floor if people are going to slip. Our venue actually prohibits ice in tubs on the floor for this reason. Someone did it and the floors got warped. It was a major repair.

    Other than that, I agree with PP.
  • I have a galvanized tub that I actually got from home depot a few years ago... The same kind at bed bath and beyond but for like 5. I use it for bbqs but it just makes giant puddles under it. Maybe if I put two together it would make a double wall effect and not get so wet on the outside?
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    To prevent the condensation from getting on the floor you can always find large flower pot trays that you can put the ice bucket in.  That way the water will be caught by the tray and won't end up making a spill hazard on the floor.

  • Awesome, I'll try that this weekend
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