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Long distance planning...

Hi, my fiance and I just got engaged May 14 after 5 years and are thrilled to finally be planning our wedding! Here's the thing...we're both native Buffalonians, but we currently live in South Texas (South of San Antonio). Needless to say its going to be a  little crazy planning with only a handful of trips home. Does anyone have suggestions on reception venues? It doesn't have to be downtown, I just need an idea of where to start besides Adams Mark, Millenium, and obvious places like that. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :) Thank you!
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Re: Long distance planning...

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    I am currently long distance planning from DC. We decided on Rich's Atrium. We made a trip home and took venue tours over a two day period and they were my favorite. Also we went alot by recomendations of friends who still live in the area.
  • kae101kae101 member
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    How many people are you expecting for your wedding??
    Did you have a specific look you're going for?? When is your wedding?

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    We haven't set a date yet..we are looking at either August or December 2011 due to my school schedule, and it looks like it will be around 150 guests. We would like to start pricing venues for either month and see if there would be a price difference...I want something elegant and classy...his family is very traditional and upscale and mine is not so something that both styles can appreciate.
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  • kae101kae101 member
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    Ok, here are some places that come to mind:
    Tonawanda Castle
    Fox Valley Country Club
    Harry's Harborfront
    The Fairdale
    Avanti Mansion
    Pearl Street
    Briarwood Country Club

    There's also Frontier Catering, which has amazing food and travels to various halls around WNY.

    Hope this helps and Congrats!!!
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    Thank you so much for some ideas!! I just checked out Tonawanda Castle and LOVE IT!! I grew up in the Town of Tonawanda and have driven by the place numerous times (when it was still the armory) and had no idea they renovated it. :)
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  • jennl53jennl53 member
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    I'm planning mine long distance as well and Janet at the Glen Oak Golf Club in Amherst has been great!  and surprisingly they are very reasonably priced!
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    I'm a little late but just saw this thread.  I just wanted to let you know that the Tonawanda Castle I have heard is very expensive, but beautiful.  If you aren't too worried about a budget its great.  But I heard something like $3k just to rent the castle, and then you needed to bring in tables, chairs, linens, food, etc. on top of everything else.  That's through word of mouth, but I know it was a deal breaker for a friend.

    We were originally planning a New Years Eve wedding and moved it up to July, but when we were calling places most said their discounted months start in January.  Many places do discounts for Friday night weddings though. 

    Our reception is at the Conference Center in Niagara Falls.  We absolutely love it there and have been there for several events, plus everyone has been amazing to work with.  But obviously its outside of Buffalo so I'm not sure if you are opposed to that. 

    Here is a link for the Buffalo Bridal Association.  They have a list of all their members by category.  The only bridal show I went to was theirs, and you have to qualify or be certified by the BBA to be part of it (or something like that ).  But it might be helpful planning from a distance.  My reception site isn't on there, but we found our DJ and limo through them. 


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  • degreadegrea member
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    I am getting married at Rich's Atrium as well. I love it there, it is so Buffalo. Others I would consider.

    -Peral Street Grill
    -Convention Center
    -Samuel Grand Manor
    -La Galleria
    -Timberlodge, (Akron)
    -Diamond Hawk
    -Avanti Mansion

    Hope that helps! I know how much it sucks  to plan for a distance.
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    Thank you for more ideas...the more the better :) dnbeach12, thanks for the headsup on the castle. We're still working on a guest list number before we start calling places to price, so we'll see what they say. I really wish I could get married in the "off season" like october or january but my school schedule sucks!...It might wind up being May which is know is a busy month so we'll see. I feel a little stressed about it but I guess it will all work out okay. Thanks everyone for ideas it helps when I haven't been back in the Buffalo area for 2 years :)
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  • WNYfanWNYfan member
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    I HIGHLY recommend the Tuscarora Inn in Lockport, NY.  Just got married there this past Sunday and it was FANTASTIC!  I had planned everything from DC as well.  Tom DeFlippo is the manager and SO detail oriented.  Food was great, atmosphere is smart and classy...it rivaled many of our favorite spots in DC but with Lockport prices!  They can't do huge weddings, but your size might work:


    Other vendors we used that were good with the long distance planning...

    Dessert Deli (cake -fabulous)
    Nickel City Studios
    Signature Sound (DJ)
    String Brothers (ceremony musicians)

    Good luck!

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    Thank you WNYfan! :) and Congrats!
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    I'm planning a Buffalo wedding from Michigan.  My advice is that when you will be in Buffalo call ahead of time to book appointments for meetings/tastings/etc because some things book up surprisingly fast.  

    We're having our wedding at Pearl Street and I love the trendy industrial/exposed brick look there.  I wanted something with character that wasn't too expensive so that I wouldn't have to trim the guest list too much.  It's a little bit more than the cookie-cutter reception sites, but a lot less than other cool places like the Delaware mansion.  It depends on the package you get, but with food, bar, tax and gratuities (be careful a lot of prices don't include gratuity), it ended up being $51 per person.  Natalie there is great to work with, they are very flexible about things, and there's not any hidden costs (like cake cutting, etc).  

    Zilly's cakes was very accommodating to out of town brides, and quite tasty!

    If you want more details on anything, feel free to message me.  Good luck!
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    Hey there, I'm also planning from DC.  I literally just got back from a weekend in Buffalo where we visited 11 venue spots.  It was hectic, but it really, really helped seeing the places.

    I have to second the comment above about Glen Oak Country Club.  Janet there is amazing.  The prices are also ridiculously cheap for an amazing menu.  They also give a great Sunday discount, which is when I'm getting married.

    I also really liked:
    -Buffalo Yacht Club
    -Buffalo Historical Society (run through Oliver's)
    -Ellicott Square Building (run through Oliver's)
    -Lockport Locks

    -Springlake Winery (for summer wedding)

    I did NOT like Delware Parks Marcy Casino.  Though it is nice, it is still under construction with workers and construction material everywhere.  The woman who runs it all as well, Kathy, was absolutely, hands-down, the rudest person we had met on our trip home, and the only thing we did was walk up and say "Hello, we're interested in a wedding here..."

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    Melissa, good to know about the Marcy Casino it was on the list of places to visit but I'll only go as a last resort to check it out. Theres so many ideas out there I can't wait to go home and start visiting places. We're still trying to nail down a date which I hope we can figure out soon!
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    My future sister in law got married at Pearl St... more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Everything was on the 3rd floor.. ceremony in front of the fireplace and reception immediately followed. Perfect balance between elegant and laid back for both families attending! 
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