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Hello Ladies (and Gents?),

I am recently engaged and we are looking for an outside venue in Bucks County. We are thinking small and very casual, also on a budget. Initially we talked about getting married in my fiance's parents' backyard in Doylestown but it might be too small. Thinking 75-100 people. Hopefully this gives you all an idea of what we're looking for. 

Any ideas? We looked at a couple of parks in the area but you can't serve alcohol.

-- Chayla

Re: Bucks County Outdoor Location

  • There are lots of beautiful bed and breakfasts and inns in Bucks County.  That could be a possibility.
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  • My wedding is being held at Aldie Mansion in Doylestown.
     I have also been a guest to a wedding there and fell in love with its outdoor balcony overlooking the patio. There's a lot of land out back for an outdoor wedding and the patio is perfect for cocktail hour.

    I found my wedding venue on Partyspace under Bucks County:
  • Thank you, ladies!
  • So we found a place we love, but there are conflicting reviews online. Some are pretty negative, others are great. 

    From the reviews, it sounds as though setup is not included- we are basically renting the space only. The contract is pretty vague and I'm not sure what to ask- I have some ideas but I'm wondering about stuff that will pop up later. 

    Also, is a on refundable deposit standard for a location? It's 50% of the total cost. Up front, NON refundable. 
  • Where did you decide on? We are also looking for venue ideas in the Doylestown/ Bucks County area. Did you check out the Mercer Tile Works/Fonthill? 
  • Hello there,
    I am also searching a for an outdoor reception location in Bucks County. We are going for casual, budget, like a big fun country family BBQ. But I am a little vain and would like some gorgeous outdoorsy eye-candy! Like trees and hills and wooden fences and barns and things like that. Thought I'd bump this post up to see if anyone has any ideas. :)
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