affordable bridesmaid dresses near Niagara Falls ON

The US Boards always suggest to check department stores, but in this area there aren't many. Does anyone have suggestions on where to find affordable (preferably under $100) brown dresses?

Re: affordable bridesmaid dresses near Niagara Falls ON

  • I live in Niagara Falls! Nice to meet you!!!!

    You can always try google shops in Niagara Falls and then go there and check it out?
  • It is worth the drive to David's Bridal.  There are now locations in Canada in addition to their US ones.   The bridesmaids dresses I decided on were $119CAD.  Another great option is RW&Co. - they actually have a wedding section on their website now as so many brides are buying there.  Good luck!

  • I had a bad Davids Bridal experience :( It looks like that is what we are going with and hopefully they will be better with the BM dresses
  • What about some places in St.Catharines or Hamilton???
    Mom of 4....and Sept 2013 BRIDE!!!!
  • There is an amazing little hole-in-the-wall store in Port Colbourne called the Wishing Well.  I got my dress and my BM dresses there.  Also my mom got a dress there too.  The staff were super awesome and way nicer to my than they were at David's Bridal. 

    I would highly reccomend it. 

    BTW This is my first post,  Hello everyone!
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