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This should be a fun thread :)

What type of things or hobbies does your FI/DH do with you or at home, that he might NEVER EVER admit he does to his friends?

Things that would FOR SURE make him lose "manpoints" with the fellas? 

My DH:

-helps roll my hair when I need help

-has painted my toe nails for me in the past b/c he is freaking PRECISE as ever

-scrapbooks with me..lol

-watches "Bad Girl Club" on Oxygen with me. LOL

Re: This should be a fun thread :)

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    He watches all kinds of reality TV shows with me. Including, but not limited to The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, Bad Girls Club, and Dancing With the Stars.

    And, sometimes when we are having dinner he'll turn on the 'soft rock' type station (you know the one with the corny 80's love songs) on the TV music channels and we'll eat by candle light. It's usually his idea believe it or not. He would probably never admit that to his friends though lol.
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    Mine takes baths...and has been known to use bubbles once in awhile!  It's usually after he plays sports and he needs to "soak his muscles" but I don't buy that!
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  • larzhopelarzhope member
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    Mine says he hates the bachelorette but always manages to be around when its on :)

    not super girly but he takes care of the dog's nails... which I'm appreciative of since I normally have to sit on her to get her to not move!
  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    FI will watch the bachelor/ette, say yes to the dress (he kind of enjoys that one!), and a few others.

    He loves looking at the "fashion police" section in my Us Weekly.  I will read the magazine and then hand it over to him opened to that page.  He will always drop what he's doing to look.

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    he insists we watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  I have a few other reality shows I watch and have set up on DVR - Toddlers & Tiaras, Say Yes To The Dress & Bridezillas, and he has asked me to 'wait til he's home' to watch the new episodes.  My favorite though, is he'll do mud masks with me, so I don't feel dumb walking around with mud all over my face. 

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  • sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    My FI will kill me if I told this but he loved all my reality shows like Jersey Shore, Say yes to the Dress and even bad Girls club. He says he doesnt understand why I like them so he watches them just to get a better understanding of me. Bull he watches them even when I am not home.
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    Hmmm he doesn't really do too much, but then again he doesn't do many "manly" things either lol.  I can usually find him playing video games or on the internet or something.

    Sometimes I make him brush my hair and dry it for me after I get out of the shower, lol.  But that's not really the norm.
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    Almost every night he asks me to rub his back. He needs to fall asleep to a back scratch or rub. When he was younger his grandma would always rub his back until he fell asleep. Now I seriously cannot get away from it. He always says if I ever mention anything to his friends, there will be serious consequences. The best part is, he will literally whine like a little baby until I rub his back. It is hilarious. And he asks me on occasion to draw a bath for him. His reason is because he's had such a long day at work. Yeah yeah.
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    FI loooooves So You Think You can Dance....almost more than  I do this season.  He also talks in a baby voice to the dog...which I'm sure most men do :)
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  • jleigh1902jleigh1902 member
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    He cries during more movies than I do! That's why he won't take me to the movie theater to see a chick flick because he's afraid he will cry in public. It takes a lot for a movie to make me cry. He likes to tease me about my "ice heart."
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    OMG! Some if these are freaking hilarious! Especially your FI's Jleigh & Corrinne! LOL
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    What type of things or hobbies does your FI/DH do with you or at home, that he might NEVER EVER admit he does to his friends? He's a very sensitive type with animals. He takes his dog for a walk EVERY night, rain, sun, whatever. His love of animals is one of the things that made me know he was a special person.

    Things that would FOR SURE make him lose "manpoints" with the fellas? The above, plus, he was a total wuss with his ex-wives. They ran his life in ways you would never believe, seriously never believe. Personally, I'm glad those marriages never worked out, and I'm the lucky one to get him in the end. Smile
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