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Bachelorette Party

Hey ladies- I have a question for you.

I am hosting my best friend's bachelorette party next weekend.  However, I've never been to one.  I rented a private room at a sushi/Japanese restaurant that has a karaoke machine, etc.  So we're basically gonna do dinner & karaoke, then go downtown afterword for cocktails and dancing.  I have sent out a message to all invited about hotel rooms, so that's set, too.

Beyond that, what am I supposed to do?  Since I've never been to one, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be providing.  I know I pay for Morgan's (BFF) food & drinks, etc. but I don't need to pay for everyone's---- do I??

Also- I got sashes for Morgan, Sarah (the other BM) and I.  I have some shot glass engagement rings.  Do I need to get more favors??

So lost.  Anyone have some insight?

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  • My future sister in law's was in february, and we (the bridesmaids & other close friends) all split her meals/drinks. You def do not need to foot the bill for everyone! Her MOH planned a Japanese hibachi dinner, and went out for drinks/dessert after. It was pretty low key. Some girls brought her flowers and small gifts. Others brought gag ones. I think it's whatever the bride is into. As long as she's laughing & having a great time, job well done :)
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  • No you do not need to pay for everyone! boy would that be a bill! The bachelorette parties I've been to have had games. We usually all got together in one room with cocktails and light snacks and had them open gifts. I think one of my favorite games I have played thus far was a game we played with panties. Everyone brought one pair (in the brides sizes so they would be turned into gifts after) that they more or less would buy for themselves. The bride went through and tried to guess who they were from. If she guessed the correct person, that person received a card that had a task they had to do that night while we were out. If the bride did not guess correct, the bride got the card. Unfort both the brides that we've played this game with were really good and could figure it out no matter how hard we tried to throw them off. In the end we all had a task which made the night a lot of fun! There a whole bunch of stuff you can find on the internet too, it's just something to break the ice with people who don't know eachother while also celebrating the bride.
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    Like others have said, you don't have to pay the bill for everyone.  and among her other BM's talk with them about all splitting your friends stuff. Like rotate who buys hers drinks and what not.  Also, while you are at the restaraunt you could always play a few games or something like that. But otherwise I think your plan sounds great for a bachelorette party!  Have Funn!
  • Agree with all PP's
    I helped (as a bridesmaid) host my best friends bachelorette. We went to a casino in CT and rented some hotel rooms.
    I brought a cake and then we played some games. Like we had her fiance answer some questions about his fav movie etc, and she had to answer it too.

    IT wsa a lot of fun.
    Other than that, I did a lingerie clothesline but obvi you can't do that at a japenese place!

    We split the bills everywehre we went, and just paid for the Bride to be!
  • I agree with everyone else. You don't have to pay for everyone and they should help out with the brides portion. Also I would recommend calling the places you plan on going to downtown before and let them know that you are hosting a bachelorette party and some places will let your group in with a no cover charge if you call before.  For my sisters we went to 3 different places and we ddin't have to pay to get in since we called and let them know. Saved everyone some money!!  Also a good idea would be to get a veil for the bride to wear!
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