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Ranch Venue Help

Hi everyone,

I had a beautiful ranch venue in Larkspur, CO, but unfortunately the owner has decided to put it on the market.  I can't take that risk!  So I need to find a new venue.  I'm tired of seeing the same old stuff online in that area and all around the Denver Metro Area.  I'm still looking for potentially someone's ranch to use for the day as opposed to a wedding-mill type venue.  We don't want to go to ranch-y (i.e. not looking for a cowboy boot type wedding) - I would describe our vision as "rustic chic."  Does anyone have any suggestions that are a bit off the map?  Pretty much, I'm looking for something OTHER than the following: Cherokee Ranch, Spruce Mountain Ranch, Crooked Willow Farms, etc.  I've seen these so many times and it's just a bit too much for me.  I don't want to feel like I'm just another bride.  We're looking to be able to choose our own caterer, bring in our own alcohol, etc.  More so, it's like we want to rent someone's home for the day...I know this is somewhat specific, but this is the situation we were in so I'm looking for that type of feel again.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Ranch Venue Help

  • BooksyBooksy member
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    Have you checked out the wedding section of Couture Colorado? couturecolorado.com. They feature a lot of real weddings held at ranches and farms in the area. Most of them are a little more north of Denver, but all of the pictures make them look gorgeous.
  • robreerobree member
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    I haven't, but thank you for the suggestion! :)
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    Although what you are looking for is very specific, I happen to be looking for the EXACT same type of place. Laughing

    Let me know if you find anything that looks promising. I will do the same. Good Luck!
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    Yes! I have been looking for 4 months for this exact same type of thing. I actually booked our venue TODAY! YAY! We ended up choosing Meadows at Marshdale in Evergreen Colorado. We also looked at Botanic Gardens at Chatfield and Lower Lake Ranch in Conifer. I know these aren't anywhere near Larkspur, but they are all fabulous venues. Lower Lake ranch was a bit out of our prices range, but it is literally someone's home space and it is so well kept. Just a few suggestions since I feel like I've looked for more hours than I had hoped. Best of luck!
  • cookielove777cookielove777 member
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     to scrawford:

    I got married this June at Lazy J Ranch in Wolcott,CO.

    It was great, spring summer fall only. Pretty flexible, they have a great great great, caterer that they work with, cowboy catering, but for a fee you could get someone else.

    Anyway, just a suggestion, good luck.

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    The "rustic chic" setting is exactly what I have been looking for in the Boulder area. I have seen some cute farms, but they lack certain things like indoor bathrooms for guests, so it has been harder then I thought to find a place! I want some unique, and my fiance and I would like to bring our own alcohol, dessert, etc...

    If anyone has any suggestions , I would appreciate it!


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    I'm having mine near Estes Park, in Pinewood Springs! It is wonderful and sounds like what you are looking for. I'm just hiring a couple guys to cook my simple buffet dinner. They have 2 full kitchens. 4 bedrooms and you get the whole place for $500 for all night! littleelkmeadowlodge.com! Hope this helps both of you!
  • Thank you so much for the input, I will definitely check these places out! Any other advice and suggestions would be much appreciated also. Thanks again!
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    Have you tried Wiens Ranch? That is about as rustic chic as youare going to get in Larkspur. Two other places I looked at were Spruce Mountain Ranch and Crooked Willows Ranch ( I don't know if you have already looked at these places but they are the best places I know if Larkspur). I do not know the name of the place, but there is a big red barn off the highway in Greenland you can rent that too, it was used for a fundraiser for the local elementary school years ago, Wiens Ranch now hosts the event.
  • Sylvan Dale ranch is nice
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