June 2013 Weddings

school getting in the way :(

i'm glad i'm not the only one wanting to start planning already! i haven't booked anything, sent any save the dates, or anything yet. i've just been casually looking. i want to get the most of this and not get stressed! *fingers crossed*

we would be getting married in 2012, but we decided to have me finish school first (he's 24 and graduating in the spring, i'm 19 and graduating in 2013)

this is great motivation to go to class, get good grades, and get outta there!! :)

Re: school getting in the way :(

  • I'm glad i'm not the only one waiting to finish school too! lol My fiance is  a high school math teacher, and i'm a few years younger than him so I'm finishing up my undergrad and then going for my graduate degree before we get married. In the meantime he's going to start working toward his doctorate. But in the mean time, we're saving money and also casually looking. I'm actually happy with our decision to wait, we get to really think about what we want and research everything too. It will be less stressful this way.
  • I think its great that you are finishing school first. I will graduate with my undergrad next week and then go back for my MA and my fiance will graduate with his undergrad next year and then go into Med. School. We are planning for a 2013 wedding.
  • Wow that's great. I must agree with the first post, it's a good incentive to finish school on time. lol Everytime I feel overwhelmed, I think about the prize :)
  • yes indeed it is ;)
  • Same here! I'm graduating from undergrad this semester. This is his first semester in grad school. We should both be done with grad school by May 2012 and then the planning can officially get under way! ^_^
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