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Follow up my freaking out post

So, a few weeks ago, I posted about my photographer's lack of communication regarding our wedding pictures. Some of you told me I was being impatient, and while I wasn't expecting my pictures to be done so soon, I was expecting her to make good on her promise to let me know in a few weeks how things were going. But, I took your advice and left her alone. Eventually she sent me a text saying the link for our pictures would be up by the weekend (Oct. 20/21) and she'd be adding more as she finished them. Ok, awesome. That weekend came and went. No communication, no pictures, nothing. I was mad she had promised me something, and then not only did she not deliver, but she didn't contact me to let me know she needed more time. However, I didn't say anything, and figured I'd let the contract limit run out before I contacted her again. 

The end of her contract limit was yesterday. To be clear, she set this timeline, not me. And nothing. So today, since my phone is on the fritz, I asked my mother to text her and ask what was up, because we'd heard nothing in over a week. She texts back, saying some things came up that took up her time, and she's been busy with other projects, and she hasn't even gotten to my pictures yet, but she'll definitely post a few of the pictures tomorrow, and she'll add as she goes. Again, her contract, that she drew up, says if she needs more time, it's her responsibility to contact me and let me know before the end of the 6 weeks. Not my job to contact her the day after, and be told I may get some of my pictures, but stuff came up, and she has no idea when I'll have them. I have no reason to believe I'll have any pictures tomorrow either, because she lied to me last time too, and she admitted she hasn't even started on them yet. 

I responded that I was very disappointed with her communication throughout this, that I would have been more understanding had she let me know before I expected my pictures to be done. That I was even more upset because she made me come to her, she didn't take the initiative to say anything to me. 

So now what do I do? How much longer do I wait before I stop playing nice? And really, when she has my pictures, what are my options, besides waiting and hoping I get them before I'm 40?

Re: Follow up my freaking out post

  • First of all, STOP with the texting.  Pick up the phone and TALK to the lady.  If she's past her contract deadline, call her and tell her that her time is up and you were supposed to have your pictures by now - these should have been her priority.  Tell her if she does not have the pictures to you by xx date, then you will be contacting a legal representative since she is in violation of her contract, and follow through if needed.
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  • Is there a provision in the contract for something specific to happen if she doesn't meet the deadline?  I agree that you should speak with her directly, and find out what's going on and how much longer you'll have to wait.  I would also start negotiating a discount or additional pictures for the same price you've already paid.
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  • I've tried calling her. She doesn't answer if I call, or if my husband calls. She only answers texts. Which is why I was texting her. Believe me, I prefer handling things like this directly, but I can't make her answer the phone, and I have to talk to her somehow. 
  • Your next text to her should be 'I'd like to talk live about this situation.  When would be a good time this week for us to have a meeting by phone or in person?'
  • I would try emailing her because then you have it in writing. This sounds so frustrating!
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