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My BF is a groper

*this is not real.  only entertainment*

Dear Prudence,
My boyfriend and I have been a couple for three years and we live together. It’s been a wonderful, communicative relationship. But now I don't know what to do because he will not stop groping me ever. When I lean over to spit in the sink while brushing my teeth, he spanks me or hikes my skirt up to grab my butt. When we sit on the couch talking or watching TV, he yanks down my shirt and bra or just shoves his hands down my shirt. Recently I reached a breaking point. My mom called and told me a family friend's daughter had passed away suddenly. When I hung up, I started to cry, and I told my boyfriend what had happened. He wrapped his arms around me and expressed his sympathy. Then he put his hand down my underwear and said, "I want to play with this." He has not behaved like this the entire time we’ve been dating, but I can’t pinpoint when it started. I always yank my shirt back up and ask him to please look at me and not my breasts. He laughs such comments off, and says, "You have no idea how sexy you are." It has really killed my sex drive and I don’t want to have sex with him at all. How can I express this to him in a way that puts an end to all the groping and brings back the other parts of our relationship that I love?


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  • I need to get my eyes checked - I thought the title of the post was "My BF is a grocer."  Which totally reminded me of someone we know who has a DH who is a grocer.   Ah, memories.

    Anyhow - DH sometimes acts like this, but obviously knows when it's not appropriate and when I say stop, he stops.   She says that their relationship is communicative - then why doesn't she just ask him what is up?  Have a serious convo about it.   And maybe, just maybe,she needs to loosen up.  (I'm sure that's an unpopular opinion, but whatevs.  We don't know the whole story anyway.)
  • DH is also a groper but he doesn't shove his hand down my pants when I'm upset.  I don't blame him for not being able to keep his hands off me, I am a sexy b*itch.
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  • DH can be gropey and it can be annoying sometimes, but he's never a jerk-off about it. 
  • You should see my face right now at "I want to play with this."  Just no this is beyond playful.

  • I'll be honest, I could use a good groping.
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    [QUOTE]I'll be honest, I could use a good groping.
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    I was thinking the same thing.</div>
  • If he didn't do this before...this seems a weird thing to just suddenly start doing in a relationship.  

    I think one of them has changed their attitudes/views and they need to have a conversation about it.
  • In Response to Re:My BF is a groper:[QUOTE]In Response to Re: My BF is a groper:I'll be honest, I could use a good groping.Posted by PMeg819I was thinking the same thing. Posted by AuntFlo[/QUOTE]
  • FI's pretty handsy. He actually got caught by my dad once, which was hilarious. My dad was on our back porch and FI didn't know he could see us through the window on the door. FI grabbed my butt (it's a nice butt) and I immediately was like "you're so f*cked". He just laughed because he thought I was bluffing.

    My dad, the ultimate jokester, walks in with this perfect death glare and just says "Son, if I ever see you touch my daughter like that again in my house, I -will- kill you." FI's seen my dad's gun cabinet. He totally bought it until my dad and I cracked up. FI's face was priceless.

    I made a "rule" that for every time he grabbed my butt or boobs, he also had to kiss me. I get lots of kisses :)
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