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Wedding Invitation Wording- Please Help

My Dominican family is late to EVERYTHING how can I word the invitation to make sure we start on time or atleast close to being on time? Should I  put an earlier time on the invites? If so, how much extra time? Would it be unfair to those usually on time to add 30 minutes?

Re: Wedding Invitation Wording- Please Help

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    I've been having this discussion with a lot of people in my family and, even though it's poor etiquette, I think we're going to put the start time 30 minutes ahead of time and then make sure the ceremony actually does start right on time.

    I also considered putting the exact start time on the invitation and then including an insert with the invitations for the Latino side only in Spanish that said something along the lines of: In order to ensure the ceremony can start on time and the festivities can begin as soon as possible, please be sure to arrive at the ceremony location no later than -:--.
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    I think 30 minutes is pushing it, if I was attending the wedding I would have gotten there about 15 minutes before it started, which means I would have been sitting for 45 minutes.  I suggest 15 minutes.  I think you can start the ceremony 15 minutes after the invitation says and guests will not mind, and hopefully most guests will be there by then!  And, you could always have the invite say, "promptly at 2 o'clock" or something like that.
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    my friends wedding started 45 minutes late - she had great music at the church though so the wait wasn't that bad. i plan on having my invitation say that the ceremony starts at 3:00 but is really going to start at 3:30ish. 
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    My future husband is Mexican and has already warned me that his relatives are usually late.  Fortunately, ours will be a destination wedding so they'll all be at a hotel and we can round them up at the same time.  Just in case, though, we're including a message on our invitations written in Spanish saying, "please attend no later than ___"
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