netbride.com ... HELP PLEASE!!

So I found one of the wedding dresses that I want on netbride.com for a very amazing price! However, has anybody ever used this website? or know of anybody? I just feel like its too good too be true, but I don't want to think that and I want to think that at least ONE thing at my wedding is cheaper than I thought it was going to be! 

any help please

Re: netbride.com ... HELP PLEASE!!

  • That site sells knock off dresses of unreliable quality.  Chances are, you will be very disappointed.
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    That is not true - netbride does NOT sell knockoffs!  There are hundreds of websites out there that do sell knockoffs made in China and from what I've read on here, many brides have been scammed & disappointed.  

    I did my research and found 3 reputable online wedding dress dealers and narrowed down prices (netbride.com, jay's bridal, & Pearl's).  Netbride is based out of MN and does not have a salon, but operates doing mail orders only, hence the huge savings since they don't need to hire consultants, have retail space, etc.  I ended up buying my dress and 6 bridesmaid dresses from Netbride.com and would HIGHLY recommend them!  There were zero issues with any of the dresses - they were the correct sizes, from the designer, etc.  They arrived BEFORE the estimated time frame, and the ladies working there always responded to my inquiries within 48 hours.

    I actually had to deal with their customer service & returns because I ordered 6 ties as well that were in the same fabric as the bridesmaid dresses and two of them had barely noticeable spots.  They said to send them back and they would inspect and order new ones if needed.  In a short time frame (about two weeks compared to the original 6 to get the dresses & ties), I had new ones with zero problem!

    We all saved about $70-80 per dress compared to buying in a salon (my wedding dress was actually a bridesmaid dress in white, so it wasn't pricey).  Don't be afraid of the deep discounts - that's just exposing how much the bridal salons make on each gown!
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