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Has anyone had a wedding reception/ceremony or planning a one at the Trolley Barn in Atlanta?  If so, any suggestions of vendors (caterer, floral, etc)?  Also, would 50-80 people make it feel too big and empty? 

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    I visited the trolley barn and it IS pretty big..but it's also pretty pretty!!

    I'd say talk to Bold American -- they do catering and decoration, from what they told me, they're really used to working at the trolley barn. So they might help make the venue feel too big or empy!

    Their decor is amazing. Very cool stuff.
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    I sent you a private message, I hope it helps. ;)
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    I know that our florist, Birch Blooms, has done at least a couple of very nice weddings there.  It's a pretty venue!
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    Oh wow, I had never seen this venue.  It is so cute and seems like it would be gorgeous for a ceremony/reception.   I recently attended a wedding that had about 40-50 guests in an old warehouse type location that kind of reminds me of this venue.  What they did was use pretty drapery to kind of cut the room in half so that the small number of guests were not drowned by the size of the room.  It was really pretty and you could even dress it up with some lights.  Maybe that could work here! 
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