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As soon as we decided on our venue, I started calling around for rentals. We need a big white tent, tables, chairs, linens, dancefloor, bar, etc. I know that June is the most popular wedding month, not to mention all of the college and high school open houses. What I wasn't prepared for was to have the first FIVE rental places I call say they didn't have rentals available for my date.
I'm happy to say that today FI and I sent in our deposit and signed a contract for rentals. Phew! Next up...food and catering!
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Re: Rentals...check!

  • Oh goodness. Y'all are starting to worry me a little bit. My mom and everyone keeps telling me to wait cause I have time for all this stuff and now I keep seeing on here where everything is getting booked up real soon. Makes me feel really behind on my planning. But congrats on getting your rentals set up!!! :)
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  • Congrats!  It must feel so good to finally get that done!  I've got my venue, and I'm currently working on my photographer and my catering is next.  My date was already booked for a few photographers so I know how you feel!  I can't wait until everything is booked and I can relax for a little!
  • Congrats on all your checks! I'm starting to freak out! I have to wait to check out the venues until mid march. I really hope the venue I love is still available!
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  • That's good news - what a relief! I'm starting to get a little bit freaked out too. Both the ceremony and reception site that FI and I have listed as our top picks don't allow any booking until twelve months out... so that means I'm waiting until June to book. Ugh.
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  • You must feel so much better to have that stuff booked...I would have been freaking out if 5 people told me they were booked. FI and I need to rent chairs since we are getting married outside. There was a chair rental place that my venue recommended since they had set up weddings there before. They were at a bridal show I went to this weekend, and I was so excited to talk to them and they were almost sort of rude to me. I told them how many chairs I needed, and they said "well we dont know if we can do that, that is prime high school graduation party time" I was like uhh well you are at a bridal show. I was super annoyed.

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    Congrats on the big checks!! 
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  • Way to go!

    futuremrswoods-  I think you have every right to be worried, it gets stressful the longer you wait.  Sure it will always work out in the end but imagine have your pick of photographers or whatever instead of scrounging around to find one available for your day that you actually like... and that's just one vendor.  My fiance's mom tried to get us to wait too annnd Im glad I stuck to my guns, because the May date we wanted booked at our venue so we had to bump it to June 8.  If I waited, I would have been stuck with slim pickings and I don't like being forced into anything.  No offense to her but, she was married 27 years ago and hers was a shotgun wedding, she really doesnt understand the bridal industry now.
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  • I feel like a lot of moms/FMILs are a little out of touch with the wedding industry. My mother told me to book my photographer a month ahead of the wedding. I told her she was delusional and thank god the girls around my age that she works with straightened her out, so she is being more realistic now!
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  • It's not just the mom's that are completely out of touch! Most of FIs sisters and SILs have been married for almost 10 years and they are shocked that we are planning anything. Not to mention, they seem to not realize prices have gone up since their wedding. 
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  • Congrats on the checks. I'm just stuck in limbo. The 2 venues i'm interested in won't let me book them yet. The one I really like I have to wait until April and hope they have my date open and the 2nd choice I have to wait until June. Very frustrating because I need to book this before anything else. Is anyone else having this problem?
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