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Good Morning

Good Morning and Happy New  Years! What is everyone up to today? Woke up this morning to a tea from FI (he had gotten up to make himself coffee). I got some housework going, and then sat down here to update the website (I think I have finished all bio updates I received, and any 2011 bride that has sent me KK photos should be up now). 

Relaxing a bit longer, getting some more housework done, and then tonight we're going to FMIL's house for a family/friend New Years Eve with FI's side of the family. 

Maybe I'll get my butt in gear and get more DIY stuff done this afternoon too... Hmmm... 

Re: Good Morning

  • Morning!  DH has a 12 hour shift today so lots of random chores & errands for me.  Might try to run off to the gym for a quick workout before I really get the day started.  We shall see.  Right now, inertia is winning.  :D
  • Morning ladies! Had a hard time falling asleep last night so I slept in. I started laundry and FI made breakfast. Not sure what the day holds for us but we are going to Red Lobster for and early dinner, before the crowds! I think we will do as planned and relax with a few drinks in the jacuzzi tonight. I hope everyone has a great NYE and be safe!
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  • Good morning ladies!  I am working all day and then I am not sure what FI and I are doing tonight.  We are either going to his friends house to hang out or just staying home the two of us.  Not super exciting lol!  Maybe I can finally get some work done on our invitations tonight.

    Have a great day!

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  • I have almost finished taking all the Christmas decorations down... that's gotta count for something :) 
  • We just took our tree down! Yay!! Now looking at re-arranging our furniture. I like changes but our living room is so small I can't picture how it would look. We need to do so much to this house. It was FIs grandparents house with no updates. So far we added a half bath and gutted our full bath so it's brand new. I wanted to do our kitchen but a new roof, driveway, and electrical system called our name first. Baby steps I guess.
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  • One step at a time :) We're renting right now, a nice farm house out in the country. FI is a farm manager and he gets a really discounted rent if he rents on site at the farm (they like having the manager right there if something goes wrong lol) but we're looking at buying a house in the new year at some point :) 
  • Good afternoon...slow start to the day. After spending the morning hanging out, cleaning up around the house, etc. I'm going to go get some sun as its beautiful outside. Then probably get everything together for tonight, drop the dog off at my parent's house and have a fun time!
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  • Good Morning! I've been back at it in the basement today.  Got a lot done yesterday.  FI is going to take a big load to the Goodwill in just a little bit.  Glad to get more out of here.  
    We are going to a nice dinner at Trader Vic's tonight and then to a friend's party.  Should be fun.  Hope you all have a great time tonight.  Be safe!
  • You're more productive than me Kimmy, pass some of that my way :) 
  • Jen, I wanna go outside and get some sun! It's 46 here which is not normal for this time of the year. We usually have temps in the 20s or low 30s. However, because I go back to work Tuesday it's gonna be 17 with snow : ( Britt, a farm house sounds really cool. I'd love to be in the country. I have neighbors right up my butt! Lol. I'm not used to it at all. My house that I used to live in with my ex had over an acre and no neighbors surrounding me. It was a big adjustment to move in with FI. But I'm happy where I'm at which is all that matters! House hunting sounds like fun. Do you want to stay in the same location? I try to talk FI into selling his grandparents house cause it needs so much work, but no budging here. Kimmy, sounds like you are doing lots of things to where you live. Do you plan to stay where your at for a while?
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  • We are looking at a few houses in the area. We've talked about moving north as well, closer to where we're getting married, but if we do that we'd probably have to wait another year, houses up there are a lot more expensive! lol 
  • Sounds like fun! I'm sure you'll find exactly what you want when the time is right.
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  • The only stipulation I had for FI is that we have to own our own house before kids, I don't want to have to worry about moving when kids are in the mix lol 
  • Yes, that is a pain. Me and my dtr moved 5 times and kids accumulate so much stuff, moving was hell. Thank god I had many people to help me otherwise lots would've been thrown in trash bags!
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  • I get the joy of working until 11pm.  Today FI and I stayed at home did a whole lot of nothing.  We're headed to a friends house as soon as I get out of work then home shortly after that.  I get the joy of working at 7am tomorrow.  Yippee!!

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