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Photo Guestbook

Hey Ladies! I am just starting to work on designing our photo guestbook through Blurb.com and I wanted some opinions on my plan! If you aren't familiar with Blurb, its a website which allows you to publish books in really high quality for a great price. (Just google Blurb wedding guestbook and you'll see lots of examples!).

Anyway... I don't want to use all of our engagement pictures because we aren't crazy about some of them. So what I was thinking I might do is make it like a journey from where we started (kids) to where we met (college) and then end with our engagement pictures.   In the beginning I'll have a little note to our guests thanking them for coming and asking them to sign their names or leave us a note, advice, etc. on all of the white space around the photos. I'd do all of this in about 20 pages.

Most of the Blurb guestbooks you see only have the engagement photos, so what do you girls think about me adding pictures of us as kids? Cheesy? Cute? Feel free to be honest.. haha!
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Re: Photo Guestbook

  • Personally, I think it's kind of cute! Though if you're doing this, I probably wouldn't do a slideshow or anything like that if you were planning on it. I always think it's fun to see people's baby pictures and funny photos from their childhood :-)
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  • Your guests will write comments and such on the pictures, right? It's not just a sign your name and move on? If so, I think it would be a cute idea to have pictures of you and your FI in it. Family that hasn't seen you in a long time or knew you "way back when" much better than they know you now, might enjoy finding the older photo and putting comments on it.

    I love this idea! I'm just curious, though, will it hold up the line much to have people flipping through pictures to make comments? I've not seen one at a wedding yet.

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  • CaitlynmkCaitlynmk member
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    Thanks for the input ladies! I didn't even think of the slideshow! Though I don't think we'll do that so I guess this could be our slideshow just on a smaller scale. I also like seeing baby pictures and learning how couples got together! I thought it might be fun for guests who don't know either the bride or groom as much.

    Julie- the pictures won't take up the whole page, and for some pages I will have one large picture with a complete blank page next to it. Guest will only write on the white space rather than the pictures themselves. That's a good point about holding up the line... it definitely might.  This is my favorite "guestbook" idea I've seen do far so I am hoping people will go through it during the cocktail hour and then they can migrate back to it during the reception if they don't see it earlier.
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  • Caitlynmk, I bet your guests would LOVE to have it available during the cocktail hour! That gives them something entertaining to do and they'll have more time to write in it.

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  • I like the idea of all different pictures! I do not mean to offend but we did go to a wedding a few months back with a similar book and the line was really slow and everyone was just signing their name, not flipping through it. With people behind me I figured it was rude to keep everyone waiting. My photographer recommended a similar book but I've never seen anyone go back to a guest book after there's no line so they have more time to write a nice message. She said she's seem some with great little messages, but she was also trying to sell it, so you never know!
    I think even just with names it's nicer then a plain book with names, but just things to consider :-) And ofcourse I know traditions are different everywhere and maybe here it's more typical just to write a name.

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  • Thanks MissCrafty! You're right, a lot of people don't even bother with signing a guestbook or looking through it. There are so many guestbook ideas out there, I just figure this is the best way for us to a) get use of some of our engagement photos and b) having something fun to look back at years from now. I do appreciate all the feedback though it definitely gives me some things to think about! :)
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