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How to choose bartender for reception?

Hi ladies!

We are getting married in April at Chestnut Square in McKinney. Since the venue allows you to bring in your own alcohol we had planned on getting wine/beer from Costco (We are paying for the wedding ourselves and trying to cut costs where ever possible). The problem is that we need someone to act as the bartender for the night. Have any of you used a bartender service? I have been to a few weddings where they had a friend of the family act as their bartender. What do you think of that, and how do you approach the person about the topic?

(Also, if you've had your wedding at Chestnut and have any fun tips or decor ideas i'd love to hear them!)

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Re: How to choose bartender for reception?

  • danielle16_17danielle16_17 member
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    chestnut might require you to have some one that is TABC cert. I would check on that..
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    I would think that they're going to require your bartender to be TABC certified.  If you are catering food in, I would ask your caterer if they have any recommendations. I would also ask the venue if they know of anyone reputable. 

    If the bartender is TABC certified, then they know the laws and it might pull any liability (God forbid) off you. 
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    Good thoughts! I checked my contract, and it just specifies that we have to follow the regulations of TABC(but it doesn't directly say we must have someone that is TABC certified), and that we may not serve liquor on the premises. Since we are serving alcohol we are paying for a security guard to be present (as part of their rules). 

    We haven't picked the caterer yet, so I'll be sure to ask about the extra service when we do.
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    For what it's worth, most restaurants require both servers and bartenders to be TABC certified, so you may think if you know a trustworthy person in the service industry. I have been TABC certified for eight years and bartending for about six years, so I know many bartenders that I am friends with and trust for my wedding. :)

    I'm relatively confident that you will definintely have to have a TABC certified bartender in order for them to lawfully serve you alcohol. But this should not be an issue since all bartenders should be TABC certified. And you can get your TABC certification online if you have someone that would be willing to do it for you.
    Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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    I used A+ Student Staffing for bartenders at my wedding and they did an awesome job!

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    We are getting married in a few weeks at a venue that also allows you to bring your own alcohol. We are just doing wine and beer, and using a friend of the family's nephew who is 21 or 22 to hand out drinks. It's not much of a job, all he's going to do is stand there and hand out drinks to people when they want one. we have an open bar, so he won't even have to handle money.

    The venue doesn't require they have any kind of license. We are paying him like $100.
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    as PP said, check with your caterer.  They will add an extra headcount or two (depending on the # of bars) to their staff to tend the bar.  It is not that expensive.

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    this is a good question, and something i've been wondering myself. i was going to look into a+ staffing as well. how far out from the day do you think a bartender should be booked?
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  • pattcpattc member
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    You will want to have a TABC-certified bartender.  In that way, they enforce the rules and the liability shifts from you to the bartender.  Worth the price.  Bartenders run about $35/hour.  You can just tell your caterer and they will find one and worry about if the show up, etc..
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    I am getting married at Chestnut Square in October and just asked this very question of our wedding coordinator and no, they don't require TABC certification... they do however require that if you serve any alcohol that you pay for their security guard ($150 up front or if you pay cash the night of your rehearsal dinner its $120 or at least it was when we signed up a few months ago).  We're going to have some friends of friends do our bartending we think that way the invited guests don't feel like they're "working" and we're just going to pay them a little dough for helping out.  If you have any questions about CS just let me know... :)
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