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NCLEX exam right before my wedding :/

my fiance and i got engaged on christmas eve 2009. (been engaged for about 8 months now)...we're both in school; i'm going into my third year of nursing school (BSN) and he just began his 2 year degree for firefighter/paramedic.  both of us will graduated in late april/early may of 2012, so we decided that waiting until AFTER graduation was the best idea....although we'd LOVE to get married in 2011. but my big concern is that i'll be taking my NCLEX right before the wedding most likely...please tell me there's someone else that's in the same situation?!

Re: NCLEX exam right before my wedding :/

  • omg! all the power to you!! I am taking my MCAT in 2 weeks.. hopefully everything goes well with my test that way I don't have to retake it!!! But, you know you can do it!!! Just make sure to focus! Have your fiance be very active in the planning too, that can take a load off!!! 
  • good luck on the MCAT! and thanks for the encouraging words :) i'm hoping my fiance will be as involved as possible, but he will also be about to take the national paramedic test at that time too! he's in the process of becoming a firefighter/paramedic. so we will both be VERY stressed up until the wedding!
  • Good luck to you!  I am currently a nurse, in Canada tho, so I wrote the Canadian version.  My fiance is actually in med school right now and he'll be finishing his fourth year right before we get married as well, and he'll have a licensing exam to do as well...so same deal why we are waiting till June 2012.  The best advice I can give you is to just get as much of the planning done ASAP.  Planning a wedding and studying for a big exam like that can be stressful and you want your wedding planning to go as smoothly as possible.  It's not too early to start looking into things.  My fiance wants to be a huge part of the wedding planning process, so we already have our venue picked, our DJ, and our officiant.  We've also decided on a colour scheme.  I know it's far but this way he gets to be a part of the planning as well.  Good luck to you! 
  • I'm in the same situation!! Exactly actually. I'm just giving the whole thing up to God that it will all get planned!! My fiance and I have already decided a lot of the big things, we just have to book things and figure out the small stuff. We are depending a lot on our parents to get things under control so neither of us get to stressed and we can concentrate on school and my NCLEX.  Just don't stress to much and try to get things done early, that way when the NCLEX roles around you can focus all of your attention on that and know your wedding is taken care of.
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