Flower costs in Tucson?

Hi ladies -

I've never made a major purchase of flowers before so I was curious if any of you had any idea or a rough estimate as to what would be a reasonable price, or the "going" price range for the following items:

1 man's boutineer, either a single white/ivory rose or carnation

1 simple bridesmaids boquet, of either white/ivory roses or carnations

My main goal is to have something simple and inexpensive. Any advice you have on this would be greatly appreciated. Place I am thinking of visiting to get price quotes here in Tucson:
Whole Foods
SavOn Flowers (I think they used to be called Discount Florists, they're off of Kino)

If any of you have any ideas/advice, I'd be appreciative. Thanks!
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Re: Flower costs in Tucson?

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    Well I got a qoute of nearly $300 for the following from Safeway, and ended up doing it myself with silks from Michaels so much less!

    1 - Brides bouquet using purple roses, lilies and astromaria
    2 - BM's bouquets using the same as above
    5 - bouts using white roses

    I called a few other places and got similair rates. 
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    Wow... $300 for 3 bouquets and 5 bouts... That seems a bit steep.  I'm going with Xochimico Florist on S 6th.  I'm getting:
    4 bouquets
    4 corsages
    8 bouts
    12 center pieces with vases,
    the petals for the flower girls and aisle
    plus the toss bouquet and a few silk arrangements for the ceremony for about $900 using roses, lilies, and orchids
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    Have you considered using artificial flowers? I made 5 bouquets, 9 bouts and 6 coursages and only spent maybe $20 on everything. I went to the .99 store on pima and craycroft (TONS of flowers for a dollar) and michaels for the few things i couldn't get there.
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