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9 Days Away...I can't believe it.

Hi Everyone :)

I'm 43 and I'm getting married in 9 days on Cinco De Mayo! I'm so excited, but getting nervous.

The thought of walking down the aisle and being the center of attention is kind of making my chest constrict...lol. 

This is my second wedding (my first was when I was 18 and it was a small family thing). This time I'm having a big church wedding with 150 in attendance! Yikes!

What's making you nervous today? 

Re: 9 Days Away...I can't believe it.

  • Hmmm ... What's making me nervous today?  A greater workload than I can possibly bear.  Ugh!
  • @Lisa, I hear yah!!!! Its hard because I can work from home one day a week and I always find a wedding item that I would much rather work on. I should tell FI that I need another den just for wedding stuff. LOL

    I think right now everything stresses me out. Work, kids, wedding stuff, budget, housework, I could go on. 
  • Your wedding will be awesome!!!

    I'm stressing over finals. Yesterday I made a 69 on my Micro Bio lab final...I totally choked. I now have a 3.0 in the class, and have to ace the lecture final to pull it back up to an A.

    FI is working tons of OT to keep me in school and at home with the kiddos. He's a cop and so I worry, not obessively, but it's always at the back of my mind.

  • Hello TiaTia.  It's now 7 days away for you.  And for me, too!  My first, although I've got an extra 10 years on you.   I'm feeling wierdly calm now.  I'm sure that'll change, though!  Congratulations to you, to me, and to all the brides in Knot-land!
  • I hope your wedding was awesome and that you come back and tell us all about it! And to answer your question, I'm terrified that my mother will say something offensive to my wedding guests who are gay. Or black. Or Catholic. Or northerners. Or Comiccon geeks. Or... you get the picture.
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