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Newport RI?

FI were originally planning a big Carribean getaway for the honeymoon, but we are scaling it back and now considering something within driving distance on the east coast. I have enough points to stay for free at a Hyatt for about a week and I keep coming across they Hyatt in Newport.
I have never been up that way and don't know anything about a honeymoon there, but it looks gorgeous! The water and the sailing and the quaintness of it all.

Has anyone else been there that can offer up suggestions or recommendations? Or the opposite...

Re: Newport RI?

  • My aunt actually has a mansion in Newport (wish I had that money lol).  It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to go!  The water is right there, you can tour all the historical mansions, and you can also have a lot of fun in the little shops around Newport.  Also, they have great resturants and pubs/bars! 
    Hope that helps!! :)
  • If you do decide on Newport, I would suggest doing the Cliff Walk.  I currently live in RI, so FI and I did it as a day trip over the summer, and we had a lot of fun. 

    The other thing is that RI is tiny - you can get anywhere within the state in 60-90 minutes.  If you stay for a week in Newport, you could easily take a day or two to travel to another area.  Providence has some cool features, such as the Roger Williams Park Zoo and WaterFire (a popular event during which they light a series of lanterns in the river).
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  • Newport is great in the summer but can dull in the winter.  The season is roughly May 15 to October 15.   

  • The Newport Hyatt is a beautiful hotel.  I would agree that from Newport you could do day trips around SE New England (Providence, Boston, Cape Cod, etc.).
  • There is a great coastal wine trail that goes from Newport through  the south east coast of MA if  you are into wine!
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  • I went to Newport for a long weekend in the summer. It's so beautiful. I'd definitely suggest touring the mansions. It's actually a better deal if you get one of the Newport Historical Society memberships (you can get one in Newport either at the mansions or at the visitor center I believe) because then you can tour multiple mansions, get a lunch one day and a behind the scenes tour. If you only want to go to a few of the mansions, you cannot miss the Breakers - it is seriously amazing.

    They have some awesome food in Newport - there's a little creamery (I can't remember the name but it's the only one in Newport that you can eat at) that has amazing ice cream and fun food like grilled cheese sandwiches with mozerella sticks in them.

    The only warning I'll give is that the beaches are not soft sand - it's more like pebbles (or at least the ones I went to). I also imagine that the ocean is quite cold. 

  • That is a nice hotel! Good way to use your Hyatt points, it is normally 300 to 400 a night! In addition to PPs suggestions, I have a random restaurant that I love in Newport. It's called Diego's and its a Mexican fusion type place. I recommend it for brunch, especially the bloody marys!
  • Thank you so much! We are planning on going in July right after the wedding, so the weather should be awesome. The wine trail is right up our alley... and Diegos will be on our list for brunch! Thank you so much for the suggestions!!!!
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