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Cake Recommendation

For those still looking for a cake, I had my tasting with my baker this weekend. I had tasted his cake at a friends wedding and fell in LOVE (I'm generally not a cake person and I LOVED it). I set up a tasting for him and we had it this weekend. I didn't expect much from a tasting, but he well exceeded my expectations. I expected just a cupcake sized taste for 3 flavors and fillings (of my choosing) but he had 3 six inch round cakes for me to taste and take home. I'm still eating on it because it was THAT good.

If you still need a cake, then I would highly suggest you considering Clark. I do have other bakers in my bio that you can look at. http://seandmb.weebly.com/bakeries.html

Now, I don't want to get knocked for people thinking I'm raving too much about him. I know he is a very little known baker and I want to get his name out so that other brides can see him.

He is Clark Robertson. His email is [email protected] You can see his previous cakes here.

For my cake, which will serve 100 not including the top teir (so we can have it for our first anniversary) it is $175. The grooms cake (serves 50) is $85. Plus $25 delivery and setup fee. That's only $285 for a wedding cake and a groom's cake. I was really impressed.

If you want me to list his flavors and fillings, I'd be happy to. But you can just email him and he'll send you a list.

Re: Cake Recommendation

  • momtobrimomtobri member
    edited December 2011
    I'm using Clark also and I agree, his cakes were very good and I was highly impressed with the pricing!!!
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    I'm intrigued! Neither my FI or I are really into cake but it would just be so strange to have a wedding without a cake! We'd rather not spend an arm and a leg for it but we don't want it to be hideous or taste like cardboard either. This guys sounds right up our alley! Thanks so much for bringing him to our attention. We'd prefer to support a lesser known baker than these other (overpriced, imo) bigger names! Would you mind listing his flavors and fillings?

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  • momtobrimomtobri member
    edited December 2011
    Cake Flavors
    /> Buttery Yellow Vanilla – light and butter in taste, flavored with real vanilla
    /> Traditional White – flavored with real almond flavoring for that traditional wedding cake taste
    /> Devil’s Food Chocolate – rich and chocolaty. Chocolate lovers dream!
    /> German Chocolate – sweeter and lighter chocolate flavor then the devil’s food
    /> Chocolate Fudge – a buttery rich chocolate cake
    /> Chocolate Chip – buttery yellow vanilla cake with mini chocolate chips for a touch of chocolate
    /> Red Velvet – traditional southern red velvet cake
    /> Marble – the best of both worlds, yellow cake with chocolate swirls
    /> Lemon – buttery yellow cake flavored with real lemon for a sweet citrus flavor
    /> Strawberry – real strawberries are used to add a natural sweetness and light pink color
    /> Pineapple – white or yellow cake, your choice, flavored with real pineapple juice for a tropical treat
    /> Coconut – rich coconut flavor yellow cake for a taste of the islands
    /> Carrot – traditional spicy and sweet made with freshly grated carrots
    /> Italian Cream – a delicate vanilla butter cake with pecans and coconut added for a flavorful taste
    /> Spice – a wonderful aroma and taste come from cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and other fresh spices
    /> Cake Fillings
    /> Traditional buttercream – sweet and buttery, just like the icing on the cake
    /> Cream Cheese buttercream – made with real cream cheese and butter for a rich taste.
    /> Add pecans for a nutty treat: great with yellow, white, carrot, spice, or red velvet cake
    /> Add strawberries for a fruity delight: a perfect choice for yellow or white cake
    /> Add pecans and coconut for even more flavor
    /> Chocolate buttercream – rich, dark chocolate and real butter come together with a mousse like texture
    /> Whipped Chocolate Ganache – dark chocolate and cream whipped to perfection. Prefect for chocolate lovers!
    /> Bavarian Cream – traditionally found in pastries, this creamy vanilla filling goes great with yellow or white cake.
    /> Coconut Cream – a creamy filling loaded with coconut.
    /> Strawberry – real strawberries are used in this all natural jam like filling
    /> Pineapple – crushed pineapple combined with thick, sweet syrup
    /> Lemon – fresh lemon curd with whipped cream
    /> Raspberry – real raspberries
    /> Amaretto cream – rich almond flavored pastry cream filling that goes great with yellow or white cake
    /> Traditional German Chocolate cake filling – a rich, buttery, caramel filling full of pecans and coconut
    /> Praline Cream – the great taste of pecan pralines in a creamy filling, great with yellow or white cake
    /> Banana Cream – real bananas in a rich and creamy custard .
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    Thanks! What combinations did you guys try/choose? Everything sounds yummy!
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  • momtobrimomtobri member
    edited December 2011
    I tasted the chocolate on chocolate, the marble with traditional and the yellow w/ strawberry.  Even though they were all good, we ended up going with the marble w/ traditional icing for the top tier, red velvet w/ cream cheese for the middle tier and the traditional white w/ the traditional buttercream for the bottom tier.  We are doing the chocolate on chocolate for the grooms cake!
  • SE+MBSE+MB member
    edited December 2011
    We tried: Buttery Yellow Vanilla Cake with-Amaetto Cream filling  Traditional White Cake with – Cream Cheese Buttercream – Add strawberries Marble Cake with - Chocolate Buttercream filling We went with with traditional white cake with strawberry cream cheese filling for top and bottom layers. Marble with chocolate buttercream filling for the middle layer. For the grooms cake we did chocolate and chocolate.
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    Hi girls. I'm having trouble finding him on facebook. Well I think I found him but he doesn't have any pictures available???   I guess I'll just email him and wait for a response.
  • SE+MBSE+MB member
    edited December 2011
    Yes, here is the album. http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?id=23422010&aid=2224166

    I think you can see it if you aren't his friend.
  • edited December 2011
    thanks, i was able to view with the link you provided, the cakes look great! he still has not responded to my email...will try again. Thanks
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