1st look picture ideas

Hello Everyone!
 We are gettting married at the top of Heavenly on 9-15-12, but we wanted to do our 1st look photo shoot before the wedding on the beach or somewhere spectacular....

Does anyone have any ideas? In a perfect world we would do pictures on the beach (somewhere free, that we can just go to) and somewhere overlooking the lake...

THANK YOU in advance for your suggestions!

Re: 1st look picture ideas

  • Good for you for doing a first look! I wish more of my couples would, it makes for such great photos. Logan Shoals is a nice vista point overlooking the lake, it's just past Cave Rock on the south/east shore. Zephry Cove is my favorite beach on the south shore, though it could be a little crowded. Regan Beach is nice too and porbably not as busy. I hope that helps!
    Best wishes,
    Nicole Miller Photography

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