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On Facebook, one of my friends asked this question. We are having a SERIOUS debate! I said $10,000. But everyone is acting like they should only use $1! What are you alls opinion?

So...if an engaged couple has $20,000 to invest in their future how much of it should be spent on a wedding?

Re: Debate

  • TysWife2BeTysWife2Be
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    edited December 2011

    I would say half as well and then put the other half towards a house...

    I think...lol

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    I would say 10,000 also. Have these people you debating with every planned a wedding? If not then they have no clue of the prices for everything.
  • desi2002desi2002
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    edited December 2011
    I have to say half b/c that's my actual budget!
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  • tyboydtyboyd
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    edited December 2011
    IDK, but they were saying stuff like "as little as possible" and "$5k". I'm like HELL, if you know somewhere that I can have a wedding {including EVERYTHING} for $5k, then PLEASE let me know!
  • tamtam7tamtam7
    edited December 2011
    Yeah 5k is my goal budget and I have to tell you it is a challenging goal to achieve, but that's all that I've been able to save up.  It's possible but you have to be really, really creative and DIY a lot.  You also have to let some luxuries go.  It also depends on where you are.  I couldn't imagine having a 5k goal in big cities like Houston or Philadelphia.
  • edited December 2011
     When we get engaged, I plan to contribute the $5K I have set aside for it. That's my limit. I see things cost a lot more than I originally thought, but I'll cut the guest list before I add more to the wedding pot. I just can't possibly add more than that in good conciousness. Not when more could be put in a CD for a child's college fund and their future.
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    $10,000 and if you can fall below- great!  Place the rest of the money towards the purchase of a house!   OR Use around $15,000 for a house and then take the remaining $5,000 and have the wedding at your house!  It would be a little more work and take more help but it def would reduce your mortgage!! LOL
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