Flower problems

So here's the deal. It's three days before my wedding, and my florists meails me saying the balance needs to be paid on my flowers or we can't get them and she also informed me she was unaware she was decorating an archway. So, the balance has been paid off for about a month and she was told last week about the arch and said she could do it. My MIL has already put money down on the archway. I'm just a little frustrated. Anyoen else have or had problems similar to this?

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    No, but I would call her ASAP and remind her that the balance was paid off several weeks ago, and when so and so called to discuss the archway, she said she could handle it and ask her if that has changed.
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    I think this deserves a face-to-face meeting.  You need to go to her store and talk to her directly.  Whoever paid the balance should also be there as well to verify that the balance has been paid.

    This close to the wedding she should have already received all of your flowers and depending on what you are getting she may already be working on your centerpieces.  So dropping in to speak with her will also allow you to see what she is doing to make sure that it is what you asked and paid for.

  • Do you have any of this in writing?  Cancelled checks, etc.?  If so, I would come armed with that.
  • I am assuming the unpaid portion is the arch.....add flowers=more money.  I agree you need to go in person to find out what is going on.  Sounds like a miscommunication somewhere...Get your payment reciepts together....the nicer you are the more willing the florist will be to accomodate you.
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