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I broke down and did it.

I ordered a necklace on etsy! I have had the hardest time deciding on jewelry throughout this whole planning process, but I was ready to make a decision. My vision for my wedding look has changed since I cut and dyed my hair. I'm going to be ordering my birdcage veil soon, and I'll have my necklace too. I have no clue what other jewelry I want to wear, but this is a great start.

I figure, even if I change my mind about wearing it on my wedding day I will still wear it. I kinda feel like I'm cheating I could have MADE this if I could just get back into the groove again. Oh well, maybe this will motivate me. It's actually extremely close to one of my jewelry design sketches that I have in my sketch folder.

Price: $18.00, shipping $3.25

Starrlight Jewelry on etsy

Re: I broke down and did it.

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