Dyeing my wedding dress

I need help!
I really, really, REALLY want to have the ombre technique done to my wedding dress (think Gwen Stefani's wedding dress... only I want orange, and no where near as dark as hers).
Can anyone tell me of any places/professionals who would be willing to do this?
I will go anywhere in Oregon and even into Washington!

Thank you :)

Re: Dyeing my wedding dress

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    I can't really be of help, but you are one brave soul getting your wedding dress dyed!  You will have to post pictures after it's done so we can see!

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    I absolutely love that look from when I first saw it on Gwen Stafoni! I looked all over for a dress like that and then gave up. Never occurred to me to dye a dress. I would imagine a good tailor would at least point you in the right direction. Keep us posted!
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    WEIRD! I was just talking to someone yesterday about doing this to my dress, but in red.  Have you bought your dress, yet? It depends on what fabrc your dress is if will even take dye or not. 
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    Did you ever find anyone in the Portland area? I have a bridesmaid dress that I'd like to (re)dye black...
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    No luck so far in the search... it's the one thing I REALLY want though, so I will keep looking.

    FYI, a lot of the places that I've found that dye fabric say they will not dye in black. Something about how the true color cannot be reached...
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