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Help! Indecisive on my centerpieces now...

Hey Ladies!

So we decided we wanted small lanterns to be the focal point of our centerpieces, and I thought I had decided on the blue ones, but now I'm not sure! Which do you think would look better? Why?
I also want more to my centerpieces, but I'm not sure what would look good. Our colors are Black, pool blue, and tangerine (DB colors) and I found the stands that I can buy separately if we go with the blue lanterns...

Any ideas/advice you guys have would be awesome!


P.s. Forgot to add that our wedding is a venetian masquerade ball theme...if that helps

Re: Help! Indecisive on my centerpieces now...

  • That's a hard decision to make, because they are both really pretty. Centerpieces can be a pain in the a** to decide on. I know because I am in the same boat. I love the points on the bottom of the clear glass ones, but the blue would be so pretty with a little candle shining through. What color are your linens? Are you using real china? If so what color is it? Another deciding factor if you are having cloth napkins and what color they would be. Is it an outdoor reception on indoor? Let me know and I'll help you brainstorm some ideas. I'll be thinking about it in the meantime.....
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  • I like the first because you can add so many more colors to it if you want to pull those colors into your centerpieces. 

    Also, the first reminds me more of the venetian theme rather than the second.  With the blue it feels more moroccan to me.
  • Agreed with what others said.  I love the first lantern.
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  • Thanks everyone!

    Everyone I've asked so far has really preferred the first lantern. In response to Willow, our reception is going to be indoors (Halloween Night) and we havn't totally decided on the colors of our linens yet. We'll probably go with black, but I'm not completely sure. We meet with our venue in the beginning of Feburary to hash out the details! And, we will be using real china - I believe white plates with silver chargers, though I'll know for sure in February.

    Thanks for all of the opinions : )
  • I agree with choosing the black ones with the clear glass. You can always add color with other decorative items. I can't wait to see the outcome! I will definitely be sticking around after my wedding so I can see the pictures of everyone's else's big day!
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