Complete music - DJ reccomendation?

We are going to use Complete Music. I just want to know if there are any specific DJs that you reccomend I request! I want to make sure I get an awesome one!

Re: Complete music - DJ reccomendation?

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    I'd love to know the same thing! :)
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    I don't have any recs for you, but check your contract very carefully. If I'm not mistaken it states in the contract that the company is able to change your DJ up to the last second to someone other then who you requested, and from what I've read, they do this quite often. This is one reason why I chose not to go with Complete Music. I want to know who my DJ is prior to my wedding, no surprises. Good luck.
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    I'm going with Toni I think with Complete Music. We have a really vintage music taste and the owner recommended her for us.
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    There was a complete DJ at a wedding that I went to that was COMPLETELY awesome. I don't know his name though. He was a tall skinny black guy. He would go out and teach people to dance if they don't know the electric slide, etc. He also had a ton of fun things he did with the wedding party. I honestly think he was the reason that their wedding was so awesome.

    Although, I have heard that they can swap DJs on you at any moment.
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    Tay Westburry is probably the guy you are thinking of. He did my sister's and is amazing.
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    We used Rick Keith.  He didnt do any cheesy stuff which I liked!  I dont know if he is still there or not.
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    Im using Tony KImball. I got lots of good feedback about him from my vendors. But yes, CM is able to change your DJ last minute if something with their schedule were to change.
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