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October 2012 Weddings

taking rings off?

Just wondering...do you girls ever take your rings off?

I take my e-ring off when I shower or when I clean, but I haven't taken my band off since H slipped it on my finger.  I know I'm going to have to take it off eventually to get it cleaned but I honestly don't want to :(  I love being able to say I haven't removed it even once. 

what about you guys?
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Re: taking rings off?

  • I almost never take my rings off.  I have been told by the jeweler that you should take them off when you shower but I don't.  I do take them off when we workout though.  I am too afraid of damaging the rings or my finger.  Oh and when I put lotion on I take them off.
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  • I don't sleep with mine on, so every night I take mine off.  And when I'm working out (rarely), or cooking.

  • I take them off to do the following - sleep, shower, put lotion on, wash dishes or clean, and swim.  I didn't bring the e-ring on our honeymoon and didn't wear either ring to the beach - I was afraid it would slip off in the ocean or when I put sunscreen on.
  • I take mine off when I bake
    I bake and decorate cakes... and I don't want them getting all gunked up with sugar/ flour/ icing/Fondant etc...

    When I am mixing up meatloaf or making supper (depending what I am doing) I will...
    I keep them on in the shower because we have a drain seal.. so my ring won't fall through...

    I lost my E RING in the shower once... earlier last year  when I had lost some weight it when flying off my finger... thank gosh for that drain guard!
  • I only take mine off if I'm kneading dough or working with ground, raw meat and there's pieces that could get lodged in the settings OR if I'm putting on lotion.  Other than that they never come off.  I'm sure my white gold rings would look a lot less yellow if I didn't wear them all the time, but what's the point of having rings that symbolize forever if you're going to take them off for every little thing?

    On the honeymoon, we were told to take our rings off when we went surfing, because your fingers get smaller in the salt water for long periods of time. 

  • I take my off to sleep (I've givn myself nasty scratches across my face from rings before), to cook/clean, shower, work with anything messy, and sometimes when I work out. I always put them down in the same spot so I don't lose them. Usually I put them on just before I leave for work in the morning and take them off when I'm back home for the night.
  • I'm super funny about jewelry, so I take mine off all the time. I take them off to shower and when I'm doing anything messy like cleaning or baking, and also when I go to bed. I move around a lot when I sleep, so I have this huge fear that I'm going to take it off in my sleep or something and lose it in the bed. That's happened to me with other jewelry before, so I just stopped taking any chances! I do wear them in the gym, since I'd be too worried about them getting stolen if I didn't. But if I'm doing something like martial arts where I run the risk of damaging the rings or my hand, I'll leave them home.
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  • I never take mine off. I put lotion on with them, bake with them, workout with them, swim with them,  everything. 

    A jeweler told me that a toothbrush (designated as jewelry cleaning, of course) and toothpaste will clean all the little grooves perfectly so I use that to clean it once a week and never take them off! 

    I'm terrified of something happening to them because the stone in my engagement ring was my grandma's so even though insurance would pay for a new ring, the ring itself is truly irreplaceable. So, they stay in the place where things are less likely to happen to them...on my finger!
  • i take them off to shower, wash dishes or if i'm cooking with my hands.  i sleep with my wedding ring on but my e-ring is a bit too tight so i take it off.
  • i take them off to sleep, shower, cook, clean and work out
    heck i put them on in the morning and take them off when i walk in the door, H always says what are we not married inside the house, lol
  • I take them off to sleep, shower, and if I'm doing messy cooking. If I'm lounging on the weekend I don't put them on until after I've showered.
  • I used to take my e-ring off when I was putting on lotion or working with dough or something messy in the kitchen but since the wedding I have not taken either ring off (even though I swore I would lose them in the ocean on our honeymoon!)

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  • I take mine off to shower, sleep, and when I'm cooking with something messy!!
  • I take them off at any time my hands will be wet - I cannot stand the feeling of water trapped between my ring and finger. So, showering, washing my hands, cooking - since I am washing constantly. However, they are right there and once I have lotion on, the ring is right back where it belongs on me :) I don't have trouble sleeping in mine, fortunately.
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  • I take mine off quite frequently because I am allergic to the white gold : (.  It is worse when I wash my hands more often and the soap and water at work is pretty harsh,and I was my hands at least 10 times a day at work.   Right now I have them off because my finger is quite sore.  I usually have to leave it off for a day or two when it gets like this.   When it take them off I hang them on a hook near the bed. 
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  • I take mine off to shower, put on lotion, do dishes, cook anything where my hands will actually be involved, when swimming, etc. 

    I used to work in jewelry and I actually shudder at the thought of doing these things with my rings on!! Especially the cooking and lotion. Things get trapped in there so easily. Also, with white gold, the different chemicals used in the products your hands are exposed to break down the rhodium used in the plating, causing them to turn yellow faster. 
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  • I take mine off all the time. Like a PP said, I hardly ever wear them when I'm in the house. I also can't wear them to my placement in the hospital. H and I have matching white gold bands from an anniversary a couple years ago. We both now wear those to work since neither of us can technically wear our rings on the jobsite.
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