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Rehearsal Dinner locations - Williamsville/Amherst area

I am looking for suggestions for rehearsal dinner locations in the Williamsville/Amherst area.  My church is St. Gregory the Great on Maple in Williamsville.

I know there is every restaurant known to man in that general area but I'm sort of stumped about a good location for a rehearsal dinner for about 30-40 people.

Any suggestions?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner locations - Williamsville/Amherst area

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    Eagle House on Main. That's where we are having ours. They have a Buffalo Buffet that I've heard great things about, and they let you have it on their outdoor patio! Prices are very reasonable!
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    Ditto the Eagle House. That is where we had ours. We did the Buffalo Buffet. Prices were reasonable and they were super easy to work with. The food was really good as well. They ordered pizza for us from Santora's as well to round out the buffet. I wanted pizza. They also let us bring in an ice cream cake for dessert. I wanted ice cream cake from DQ! We paid for drinks as they were ordered instead of selecting a package, which was cheaper for us.

    Also Creekside is very nice and I believe they have packages. Sonoma Grill is very good as well.
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    I agree with eagle house.   Others to look at might be:

    Carmine's (Sheridan and Transit)
    Sean Patrick's (Millersport and North French)
    Banchetti's (North French and Sweethome -- had my bridal shower here and it was FANTASTIC)
    Classics V (Niagara Falls Blvd and Ellicott creek rd)
    Spilios (Transit and Maple)
    Protocol (transit and main?)
    Buffalo Brew Pub (transit and main)
    Milos (Main Street and Evans)

    We're having ours at Pane's in NTonawanda, but that might be too far.
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    I second Carmine's.  I had mine there and if you have 30 to 40 people they do give you the entire side room to yourself.  I received many compliments about the food there!
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    We're having ours at Creekview on Main St. My FI plays gigs there in the bar on a monthly basis, and it's a great spot with excellent food. They have two options for packages, both of which have ~5 food choices for guests. They were very easy to work with when we discussed what we want, and easily substituted out a menu item we didn't care for. They also have the room at the back of the restaurant overlooking the creek that they will close off for the party. 
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    I recommend Milos - their food is excellent and they have plenty of space to accomodate that many people. Eagle House also has great food.
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    We are having ours at the Eagle House in about two weeks--yikes!! :)  The catering manager there, Trisha, has been really nice and flexible to work with.  We are also doing the Buffalo buffet, which was perfect for us since we have a lot of friends in the wedding party from out of town, and we wanted them to have wings, beef on weck, the whole Buffalo experience. :)  Ordering pizza is a great idea too! I will have to ask them about that.  They were also very nice about allowing us to do the alchohol by consumption rather than purchasing a per person package since two of my bridesmaids are pregnant and my fiance's parents don't drink.

    I had my shower there in May and they did an awesome job for brunch, so I feel confident that this dinner will go smoothly also.

    I have always loved the Creekview and their patio room in the back overlooking the creek is so nice! Unfortunately, the prices there were a little out of our budget for the rehearsal dinner.  But I'm positive that would also be a great place. :)


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    I'm having mine at Santora's Pub and Grill on Transit (across from Eastern Hills Mall) We wanted a more casual atmosphere, pizza and wings, that whole vibe.
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    We just recently booked ours at Giancarlos- the old Sole in the Walker Plaza (main & park club).  The food and prices are great; and the atmosphere is really nice! They are willing to work with you whether you want a formal sit down, station style or a cocktail party. 
    When we went in for a meeting they let us try anything we wanted on the menu--- We had soooo much food ont he table!!  It's a fun and trendy spot!
    Good luck!
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    Banchetti's also just opened a banquest facility on Maple (where Daffodill's used to nephew and his cousins had their First Communion party there in May. It is a really nice place and the same great food and service you get from Banchetti's
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    Creekside is delicious, might be a bit crowded for 40 people, but not if they can block off an area for you.
    IMHO Banchettis is the devils facility. I have yet to attend a wedding or function there where the food hasnt been freezer burned, or burned beyond recognition. Sicker than a DOG everytime. I was there for a friends rehearsal, and they scheduled an 8th grade dance across the hall. We had loud music and little snots sneaking in and out the whole time. Tables were crammed together, food was terrible.
    Eagle House is great.
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    I would reccomend:

    The Eagle House
    The Creekside

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    Eagle House is great.

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