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Can it just be 2012 already?

I want to be married already! lol.
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Re: Can it just be 2012 already?

  • Me tooooo! It needs to get here now. I just keep reminding myself that its only about a year and a half away. 
  • Gah! I can't wait for it to be time!

    I have a lot of things in the works, and I feel like I'll be done planning my whole wedding with a year left to wait!

    How's the planning going to everyone else!??
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  • Everything's going good. We are ready to sign with a reception place and i'm spending some time doing online research. What about you?
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  • We're touring places to have our ceremony/reception, and I have a ton of ideas and plans, but nothing too concrete yet... except I do have my dress!
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  • Ohh do you have pictures of it? I haven't even started thinking about the dress lol although I did think of everything else. You have it ordered and everything?
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  • I want to see pictures!  I am dying to go dress shopping... 
  • My mom wouldn't let me take any pictures of it, but its a knee length sheath dress with a shrug jacket!

    I would totally show my FI if I had a picture, but I really want him to be surprised, so I went along with the no picture taking...

    but here's a link to the dress on someone else!

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  • Cute dress! It looks really pretty. I understand wanting to show the FI. Its going to be so hard not to show him when I get my dress. He is super traditional. He flips out when I just try and show him a picture of a dress I like. haha. 
  • Wow that dress is beautiful! Are you planning on wearing any type of shawl over it?
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  • My best friend just got married on Saturday. Her wedding was beautiful. I was her MOH and literally cried the entire ceremony. It just made me want it to be 2012 to be here now! She sent me a text the next morning saying that I have to begin planning now. haha. 
  • I love this board! I feel the same exact way; I wish I had the time and money to do everything now. I have a lot of plans but nothing in stone. I'm having a hard time deciding with my fiancee a ceremony/reception site that fits our budget. I found a bunch but one package will lack something another has, yadda, yadda. At least we have time!

    @h88weber-- I have pictures of myself in that exact dress! I loved it so much! I'm not sure if it will be the one though but it's oh so cute.
  • I feel your pain ladies!
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