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Pastels for Oct Wedding?

Can i get your opinions? I would like to change my wedding colors from purple, gold and ivory to creams, blushes, ivories, and gold. But is that too pastel for oct? Even though we are in AZ and itll be beautiful and warm....but I still dont want to seem out of the season.....I am sooo not into fall colors by the way. Also, when doing pastels, does it automatically mean i should have it in the afternoon rather than evening....ceremony around 3 or 3:30?

Re: Pastels for Oct Wedding?

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    I am a firm believer that the colors do not need to match the season or the time of day, so if you like those colors do it!  I think it sounds beautiful, and not neccisarily pastel, but very wedding appropriate regardless of the season.  Any color combo can be done tastefully and if they are, then I do not think a single guest would think to them selves "wow, that really is more of a spring color sceme they have going." 
  • GogalinaGogalina
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    I agree with the PP. I would choose whatever color combo you like because it's your day & you should be happy with your choice. If you're still worried about pink being "too pastel/springy" try weaving in darker hues of pink like mauves here & there. The colors will look richer, not too "springy" & you'll still have the pastel color scheme you were going for. GL & have fun with it!
  • NillaWafer10NillaWafer10
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    Think about your pictures haha!  Looking backing, no one is going to know that your wedding colors didn't match the season :)  I haven't ever been to a wedding where I thought, wow, these colors are really inappropriate for this month lol.
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    I agree with the PPs.  I would not worry if the color matches the season.  If you are a little worried, I thing that you can also make pastels look fall.  Gold is a very rich fall color.  And, if your blush is a little orange/peach it will also add to the fall feel.  Then, with flowers, that is one more item that can create a fall look.  So, I would say go for it!
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    1) I am doing spring colors in January
    B) Pastels are very traditional wedding colors, so even some people who feel you need to abide by the seasons will not think it is inappropriate.

    Do what you want!
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