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finally - my E-pics!!

Hey all! After a long conversation with FI and our photographer, we were finally able to view our engagement proofs and came up with an agreement on how much they'll cost and everything. (i wrote a really lengthy post on how ridiculous the pricing was, but was able to reason with them)

 I am really excited about moving forward with our STD's now!

click "online viewing"

and PM me for email and password. Enjoy!!

Re: finally - my E-pics!!

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    Yay!! Congrats! FI and I got ours done this morning... too bad it rained! We wanted to do them in loose parkFrown Our photographer was Lori from Van Deusen.

    ETA- I like your siggy, pretty venue! Where is that?
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    I couldn't get into anywhere to enter your info.  Is there a special trick??
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    Katie: try this link

    idk how to add links to these posts, sorry. From there, click on McNelis-Powell and enter the info I gave you in PM :)

    theluckiest - Our venue is The Elms!!
    My PC is "sick" and I don't know how to use FI's computer to upload pictures. I can't even find my pictures unless I am uploading new ones... so I didn't post any of me in my dress :/ I absolutely adore The Elms, so I'm okay with keeping that up as my siggy for now.

    The day we did our pictures at Loose Park, there were so many other people doing e-pics or senior photos. I have no idea how our photographer managed to edit people out in some of them, so that was impressive. It was a first time trip for FI and I, and we will definitely be going there this summer for picnics!! Absolutely beautiful!!
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