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Hi! Im a newbie

Hi All, just wanted to introduce myself!
I just got engaged on June 5th at Oceancliff. My best friend got married on a Friday night, and we stayed overnight at the hotel there. In the morning-- before breakfast my boyfriend said there was a rock in his shoe, he said it like three times, and as I turned around to say "just turn your shoe upside down"---he was on bended knee with a "rock" in his hand. It was really cute-- and even more fun beccuase all my best friends were checking out of the hotel in the am and we got to celebrate together...

anyway, we are planning an *likely August,2012 wedding.
Next summer just seemed too soon and too fast. and I want time to save.

Pls, now i am excited to have a large selection of venues etc.
We are likely getting married in South County/Newport.

So long story short-- helllo!!

Im a little peeved that I had an airhead moment and made me user name my last name-- so if you kno me, say hello-- though I guess I will just have to stay away from "touchy" message boards.

I am excited to read all these posts and can't wait to start planning! We are checking out the following venues July 11th and 31st
Narragansett Towers
Castle Hill
Eastons Beach
Regatta Place (my frontrunner)
Hyatt Newport (I already see a ton of postings about Steve,hes awesome!)
Viking Hotel
Glen Manor House
Alantic Beach Club
Newport Yachting Center

Does anyone else have any suggestions??
I am also going to look at the Biltmore, the Westin and the Renaissance in Prov

oh and one thing to round out this LONG post
my friends and fiance are laughing at me, but I made a pretty intense spreadsheet on all the venues im looking at, plus others like Kinney Bungalow and Aldrich Mansion, Rose Cliff, etc   
It includes pricing for 2011 for Fri/Sat/Sun 
info on insurance, caterers, additinonal costs, contact names, numbers, emails, and recommendations--- so if anyone is newly engaged I'd be happy to share it-- it took me a while to compile so it will def. save you a ton of time, and phone calls. .

Re: Hi! Im a newbie

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    Welcome!!! Congrats on your engagement - that is one of the cutest engagement stories! :)

    I love south county - it will be perfect for a summer wedding. I'm getting married in October and the reception will be at the Westin. If you have any questions about Prov weddings, I'm your girl :)
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    Congrats and Happy planning!
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    Hello!  Congratulations!   I am having my reception at the Atlantic Beach Club - great place!   Let us know what questions you have and have fun planning!  

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    Thanks !! Who did you work with at the ABC?
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    congrats and welcome :-) cute engagement story! by the time we get married next year, we'll have had a 2 year and 2 month engagement...great to save and take your time planning.

    i love an organized bride - kudos for making a spreadsheet! i have one going for expenses and it helps immensely.

    your list of venues is great - we looked at 12 or so places...i haven't visited the Easton's Beach Rotunda but I've seen pictures and it makes for a gorgeous reception. I also love the Newport Yachting Center...a blank canvas really lets you do whatever you want for color schemes and decor.

    can't wait to see your planning unfold!
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    Congratulations!!!  I'm a Glen Manor bride so let me know if you have questions about GM.  There are several other Glen brides here, too! 
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    Congrats and welcome! Everyone here is helpful and super nice!
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