Hair in Red Lodge

Any suggestions for hair places in Red Lodge?  I know there aren't many, but I'd rather not just take a stab in the dark!
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Re: Hair in Red Lodge

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    Sorry I only know the ones in Billings.. if you can't get any good recommendations, call around and just schedule some test up dos and see who you like best

    Good luck!
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    somebody asked this earlier i'll see if i can find who they recommended in red lodge.
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    I saw the earlier thread.  No one said anything, really.  She said she picked a place for a trial run, but no comments on results yet.  I can't really "try out" a bunch of places.  I live out of state and will only be home (in Montana) once before the wedding. 
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    let me ask the place im gettin my hair done if they know of anybody up there thats good!! or if they'd travel up there for you??
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