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June 2013 Weddings

Invitation Wording

Okay ladies,

I am gearing up to order my invitations this week... and I'm second guessing my wording choices. What are some of the wording options you are using? Strictly traditional? Contemporary and unconventional? A mix? 

I'm not sure.... So far we've made some pretty traditional decisions through our planning process. However, we are punctuating with a few modern/ contemporary selections. Our invitations are formal in card stock & style (traditional) but the font(s) and wording design are more modern. At first we were going to use an excerpt from a Pablo Neruda poem on the invitation and then follow with a more contemporary wording stating us as the hosts (no parents or family names included). 

Then I read that traditional invitations are not appropriate places to include sentiment. That my poem excerpt would be better placed on the ceremony program. I'm fine with this.. but now I'm reworking my wording and am not sure if it's correct in the traditional sense because we're not including parent's names, etc. We're also not interested in using our last names on the invitation either... we just want to use our first names (neither of have middle names either). 

Confused yet? Yeah, me too. 
Does this sound okay?

The pleasure of your company is requested
at the marriage of

Bride (first name) and Groom (first name)

Saturday, the eighth of June
five o'clock in the afternoon

The Victorian at Heritage Square
Santa Monica, California

Reception to follow


Re: Invitation Wording

  • From the research I did for our invitations, your wording seems fine for your situation.  Our wording is fairly tradtional since we are having a Catholic wedding.

  • The only thing I'd question is the use of first names only...as you've otherwise gone for a formal but non-church wording (I think).

    I'd just be concerned that someone might not realize its you, but if its a small wedding and you are really close with all the guests then I wouldn't worry SO much about it...

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  • I agree with what lo said, unless you have a very small guest list, I'd reconsider the "no last names" plan. Other than that, your wording looks good.
  • Yeah, I got this feedback on the invites and paper board as well... Honestly I never thought of that at all. 

    We do have a small guest list, 85. All of which are family or friends that I speak to regularly and who also know that I am getting married in June. So, I never thought this would be an issue. Plus my first name is very unusual so I'm confident that my guests will know that it's me, as none of them know anyone else with my name. 

    But I suppose I could reconsider using my last name, even though the design of my invitation doesn't really allow for it. Thanks ladies :)

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