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May 2012 Weddings


So I went dress shopping maybe almost a month ago, and I haven't been again since. I didn't have a good time at my first appointment. It wasn't traumatizing, but it was a bad time. The girl had no idea what I wanted even though I was very clear, and she brought me a series of dresses that were very obviously from the "use these dresses for fat girls" rack. I overall left very discouraged and feeling bad about my body (not normal for me) and I just haven't bothered going dress shopping since.

We're 10 months out, and people are starting to bug me about the dress. My mother is worried there won't be enough time for fittings, my bff is concerned I'm going to put it off forever because of the last appointment, and other people keep asking what it will look like, what style it is, etc. But I just don't have any motivation to go and do it.
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Re: Dress?

  • You probably want to post in the May 2013 board. :-)

    Shop at a different store next time; there are dresses out there for every body type, and you really shouldn't have to settle.  Good luck!
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