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Vendor Reviews!! Update!!!

So I just got married August 13th here are my reviews:

I forgot my hair and makeup!!! Raquel from the Beauty Bar A++ she did an amazing job and she is realy easy to work with! I didnt have to tell her what I wanted I just let her do her thing and it turned out amazing!

ANOTHER UPDATE: I would highly recommend your perfect day for wedding planning. I gave them a B+ because I didnt really know what went on but I talked to my dad yesterday and he told me EVERYTHING they did .and I was soo impressed. I would definitely give them an A++ after having learned all of that. I thought that the wedding planners had left and not said bye to me, but it turns out they were cleaning and loading things in husbands parents car and their own cars. I actually feel bad because I went up to my room thinking they left and they were still working really hard at like 1am!!  I guess the fact that I didnt know what went on I just knew everything went right should speak for itself.
Invitations: B+  Birds and bees they were nice a tad expensive

Church: Deacon Tom at St Pat's Historic..He is wonderful and the church is amazing enough said!

Wellspring Photography: A+ I had Tabitha and Bethany. So part of the time thru the process Bethany Had "Baby brain" and she forgot some things. Let me tell you they made up for any mishap in the world!!! They were amazing. I even danced with them on the dance floor. They were my BFF"S for the day! Those girls are so much fun to be around and I will definitely be going back to them for further pics!!

Reception: Crowne Plaza A+++ They made me feel like a princess! They gave us the Presidential suite because we had so many people getting ready in our room!! The room views were amazing. We had our cocktail hour outside and then moved in doors for the reception. The food was amazing. The hall was a little cold and the wedding planner wanted to ask them to turn it down but I said no because I wanted people to be comfortable when the dancing started. Well when the dancing started everything was great not too hot or too cold!!! The service was superb they kept bringing us drinks and whatever else we wanted. They even brought a vase for my bouquet!!

Your perfect day wedding planner: B+ they were nice and easy to work with. I really didnt see them too much that day. I know they had alot to do with setting up and everything. I actually left my cell at the hotel and almost left my purse at the church I wish they could have checked the church to make sure nothing was left. They did take the vases back to the florist which helped a ton. Im not sure what they did and what the florist/hotel did because I did not get to see a lot of that.

Flowers: Dennis Winter/Flowers by WInter I went with him because he did my friends wedding and he was very nice. He had a lot going on because he does
 4-h and other things. He does flowers out of his home. I cant rate him because we still have loose ends to fix up. He charged me quite a bit(after the wedding) to put flowers on the cake. I didnt even see what the cake looked like until he sent me a picture(I was so busy and we cut it from the other side) I wanted like 5 calla lily on it(loose flowers) He put corsages on there and lots of them he probably had 6 full corsages on there and weird leafs all around the bottom. Then I asked for loose flowers for the flower girl and myself. again he made corsages and he didnt drop them off so the hair dresser could put them in(even though he was at the hotel to set up anyways. So I didnt even take my hair piece out of the bag because it was HUGE. Also I think only one person did not get their flower, but they never left it with our family they just took it I guess because Husbands uncle never got his flower.

Wixeys Bakery Cake; A++ Yumm thats all I have to say

Limo: Birmingham Limo A:  they were great the driver was nice. The only thing that sucked was we had 2 bottles of bubbly and our wedding party drank almost all of it before we even got in the limo..But that was not the limo company's fault at all

DJ Ultimate Nights: B+ Adam was nice but I wanted to say happy birthy to my cousin because my dad asked me to and he made me wait for 3 songs to do it. (this is a long time for a bride who has to make the rounds) I wish he would have just stopped mid song and let me talk. I could care less about the music lol. They also never played one song that was supposed to be dedicated to my High school friends it was our school song but I didnt notice until afterwards.

Rehearsal dinner: Georgios's Im not sure if its fair if I rate them since fiances parents did this. The service was amazing. The drinks were good. I just hated the food. I dont eat anything seafood.  I have a slight allergy (I think its an allergy) to onions. They put chives all over my steak(I didnt know they were chives until husband tried it) The steak was supposed to be a filet and it wasnt it was some sort of sliced beef maybe filet tips im not sure. I think mancys has better steak but georgios specializes in seafood so its not fair to compare. Anyways I had acid reflux all night and I dont know if it was food or stress. The salad and veggies were very tasty though!!

Re: Vendor Reviews!! Update!!!

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    Congrats CoCo!!!! I'm soo happy for you! Just from the reviews you posted, the wedding sounds like it was AWESOME!! You're making me soo excited for my big day!!
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    Congrat's I'm glad it all turned out good for you.
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    Yay! Can't wait for pics! And just cuz I am nosy, wasn't there a vendor you were apprehensive about using?  Which one was it? So glad that everything was great at Crowne Plaza.

    PS- And thanks for making me feel like a slacker...I still haven't done my reviews ;)
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    Congratulations!!! Looks like your day turned out perfect!!
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    Aww congrats!  I'm so happy for you!   :)  That's exactly what I heard about Crowne from the person I knew who went to one there.  If only my guy didn't nix downtown Toledo!!  Haha, can't wait to see pictures. :)
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