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Any ideas for an Irish/Latino wedding?

so me and my fiancé have been together for 5 years and are finally tying the knot. Even though most of our planning hasn't started yet there is one thing that has me already stressed out, the cultural difference. He comes from a very big close knit Hispanic family where most of his family members do not speak or understand English. And as for my side of the family I am second generation Irish and my family does not speak a word of spanish. Both of us would love to combine our cultures traditions into our wedding because they are a big part of who we are today. So I was wondering if anyone has been in my situation before could help me out? I have never been to a interracial wedding before so I have no ideas on how to combine traditions and what to do about the talking part should I have the ceremony be done in half spanish and half English? We are both catholic and are planning on having a full mass so there is going to be a lot of talking! YIKES! I would appreciate anyones input. Thanks :)


Re: Any ideas for an Irish/Latino wedding?

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    You can most definitely have a bilingual ceremony.  Usually there are 2 readings you could have one in english one in spanish.  He can say his vows in spanish, you can say them in english.  Just have a bilingual program outlining everything that way people will be able to follow regardless of the language the priest is speaking.
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    Not sure what race exactly he is but, if he's Mexican-American, you can add mariachis to play during the dinner.  It's a Mexican tradition and I know many Hispanic brides add that to their wedding.  You can also opt to serve Latin-American appetizers during cocktail hour.  I'm sure anything you do would be much appreciated at your wedding.  Good luck! :)
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    Thanks ladies the whole bilingual ceremony is a good idea at least this helps me a little, I just want to make sure everyone is comfortable during the ceremony and can understand what is going on. & the mariachis is a good idea for the dinner im definitely going to run that by him :) thanks again!
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    Im Mexican and my FI doesn't speak a word of spanish, except to ask for the bathroom and more beer, please!! :-) I almost died when he accidently let it slip (after a few too many cervezas!) that he was planning to say his vows in spanish because he wanted my family to know how invested he was in me and being a part of the family. I thought it was the sweetest and most meaningful thing! Don't know what your situation is or if you would be at all comfortable with that, but if you were, it would be pretty awesome!
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    I'm Mexican and my FI is Irish, Actually he was the one that asked me to get a bilingual priest, because he wants to incorporate both cultures in the ceremony. I think I will say my vows in spanish and him in english or maybe the other way around. LOL we are going to have the complete mass and the programs will be in spanish and English.
     I am going to include "Las Arras" those are 13 coins that the women receive from the groom, there is a script like the one they use to give the rings, And then there is a Lasso that is in a form of an eight and in the middle of the mass the "padrinos" in my case I choose my grandparents they are 85 years old and still together!! so is special.  I have been reading about Irish traditions but I think those I am going to include them in the center pieces.
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