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Does your DH/FI surprise you with little gifts (birthday, etc. don't count... obviously)?
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    Yes he does Laughing

    I'm sooooo VERY LUCKY! He is soooo romantic....after work I'll find roses on my car.  When I use to live with my parents he'd show up just because with flowers.

    He recently boght me the Kitchen Aid mixer I was dying to have just because NOT because X-mas is around the corner but because he knew I REALLY wanted it.

    DH is awesome!!!! He just knows Wink
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    Uhhh, that's kinda hard to say.  He does pick things up for me, but I wouldn't say they are actually gifts.  However, he gets so many things free from work that he is always bringing home surprises! 
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    He's not the best at it but from time to time he pulls one out.  
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    Yes! He'll leave roses or flowers for me, makes the best meal and writes cute little love notes and leaves them all over the house. I love it, but feel terrible that I am not as good at returning the favor.
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    I love my husband, but that is not his strong suit! I'm not sure he has ever bought surprise gifts for me. But he does pull out all the stops for holidays, and he is always really generous in everyday life- if we are out and I see something I like, he'll buy it for me that day. But it's never a surprise! Oh well.
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    Yup!  He never used to but since we moved in together in January he does so very often.  Usually he will suprise me with flowers from TJs or Whole Foods and heartfelt cards.  He also makes me dinner.  (Me= Not so good in the kitchen.  :[  ) 

    The funny thing is, my favorite things ever are still the flowers he would pick from my old front yard or in parks and give to me.  I kept them all and they mean more to me than pretty much anything he could buy.  <3 
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