Roundhouse Brewery in Aurora?

Has anyone had/been to a wedding there?  The prices are decent but I can't find too many photos :/
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Re: Roundhouse Brewery in Aurora?

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    I have never been to a wedding there but I have eaten there a bunch of times. The food is delicious!
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    That's so good to hear!  The 3 things we decided were non-negotiable are great food, drinks, and a "different" kind of venue.  lol
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    Beautiful Venue and it is unique in the roundness of the building. It literally goes in a big circle and there is a courtyard in the middle of the building where you can have your ceremony. I believe there are a few rooms they do weddings in and I highly recommend you check it out. What is great is there are river boat casinos there for the after party! I have been to a wedding there on the lower level, just beautiful.
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    eek, you girls just made my night :)  We're going to see the venue on wednesday.  I'm praying this is the one.  I can hardly believe that FI is the one who found it :)
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    I've been there when it was Payton's Roundhouse. I loved that place - food is amazing, rooms are pretty standard, but the gazebo area is cool. I would recommend it.
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    I was also there when it was Payton's.  It was good--and we were there in December, so there were caribou/reindeer in the gazebo, which was super cool.  FI says that it's now owned by Two Brothers Brewery, which I'm not positive of, but I think would be super cool.  Good luck and have fun!
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    We booked our wedding here for next year.

    We've had dinner there on numerous occassions and love their food, it's awesome. A friend I work with attended a wedding reception at the Roundhouse last year and said it was really great and the food was spectacular.

    So far, the process has been wonderful, Nicole and Lori are really helpful and answer any questions you may have (or didn't even think to ask!). The price is very reasonable for the services they provide and the food (food is a big thing with me, must have great food! LOL) We don't go for our tasting & cake consultation until April sometime, depending on when you need to decide on a venue I can keep in touch and let you know how it goes!

    As far as pictures, they showed us many during our visit. The venue is very unique and they set up some great/beautiful weddings. FYI: they will be doing a lot of rennovations during the next year (new carpet/floor, painting, etc.) as well as tearing down the gazebo in the court yard (if you plan to get married there) and putting in more foliage and there's talk of waterfalls.

    If you would like to see more pictures I suggest calling/emailing them and I'm sure they will provide you with some. When I was first inquiring for info they sent the current banquet packages along with additional info.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions and I will try to help! Happy planning!
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    [QUOTE]eek, you girls just made my night :)  We're going to see the venue on wednesday.  I'm praying this is the one.  I can hardly believe that FI is the one who found it :)
    Posted by jbenbe28[/QUOTE]

    Whoops, overlooked this comment. I hope you have a great visit! I know I'm really looking forward to having our ceremony & reception there! :)
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    Theya re under brand new ownership so make sure you check out the food when you visit, or have a tasting.
  • I did - here is my review from Yelp. I truly had an awesome experience there.

    Two weeks ago (one day after the grand re-opening) I got married at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. Our ceremony was held at the gazebo in the courtyard and the reception was on the second floor in the Stout and Lager rooms. The food, building, staff, and both events were amazing and I highly, highly recommend the Two Brothers Roundhouse to any couple who is looking for a ceremony/reception site that is not boring and cookie cutter-ish.

    We started working with Lori in the banquet office about a year before the wedding and she was extremely helpful, tentative, and just plain amazing when we had any questions or special requests. Whenever I sent her an email or left her a message she always responded by the end of the day. We had a few in person appointments but most of our planning and communication was done via phone and email, this was really helpful as my husband and I live in the city. Each time we spoke or met with a RH staff member they were always helpful and went above and beyond. Nicole and Tara were our day of banquet managers and they were both SO organized, fun, and on top of everything. It was awesome to know that they were taking care of everything so we could enjoy the night.

    The food was AMAZING, one thing I hate about weddings is the so-so banquet food that is always served. The food at the RH was really tasty and was served hot. There were so many great menu choices we had a hard time choosing just two selections for our guests. Ummm, and the beer? Two Brothers beer is awesome, being a girl who grew up in Warrenville I was stoked to hear that we were going to have Two Brothers beer on tap for our reception.

    To sum everything up, if you are a couple who is looking for a unique, hip, and awesome wedding experience please check out Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora. We had awesome food, GREAT beer/liquor choices, and amazing banquet staff members who ensured the evening went smoothly. The evening was extremely memorable and the awesome building/outdoor space provided us with great pictures and even better memories.

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