We ordered our rings!

Kay Jewelers is having an amazing sale on bridal jewelry right now, so FI and  I took advantage. Both of our rings are on order, FI's is due to arrive during the first week of March, mine is due in mid-May because my ring is a special order as a result of my small fingers. I'm happy we decided to take advantage of this sale, because our original plan was to go ring shopping in June, in which case, waiting three months for my ring to come in would have been a bit too close to our wedding date for comfort. 

FI's ring

My ring

The truth behind a well laced dress

Re: We ordered our rings!

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    Love them!  Those are very simliar to the ones FI & I were going to get!  I ended up with one slightly different but FI just got a gold band also!! Congrats!
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    Congrats!!!  Yes, love your ring, so pretty! I'd be so tempted to wear it when it comes in!
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