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May 11 Brides!!!

We only have 5 months to go!! Is everyone excited? I'm definitely nervous about finishing everything on time.
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Re: May 11 Brides!!!

  • I know its crazy! I just realized that today we hit the 5 month mark! Im getting a little nervous but at the same time I just cant wait for it to get here already! =D
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  • Same here! I want it to be here now, but I also want it to wait because I have SO much to do! lol
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  • I am getting so excited!!!! :) Went to get undergarments for the dress today! I am insprired to get back into the gym! anyone else feeling this way? holidays make it tough! I also have my first dress fitting one month from tomorrow! It is getting so real!
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  • It's so much more real now that we've passed the 6 month mark!  5 months away ladies!  so much left to do!
  • I am so ready for the wedding to get here! I may not be prepared, but I am ready. Lol
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  • I can't believe how quickly time is flying!!!! My dress fitting is January 27th and I keep telling myself I'll have plenty of time after the holiday eating to lose weight..I may be tricking myself!

    So much left to do but so want the date to get here!!!
  • I got giddy yesterday talking with FI about it. I'm going to pick up the samples for my wedding invites today, and hopefully will put in the final order for them. My goal is to have everything assembled and ready to send out by end of January. :)
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: May 11 Brides!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I need to get my butt back to the gym!!!  I (as usual) feel like I have way too much to do in too little time.  When is everyone starting their fittings?  My dress isn't in yet, but should be any day now.  I was thinking mid-Feb or do you think that's too late?
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    I actually have to get a new dress now. It'll be mid Feb by the time a new one comes in so that's when I'll be starting mine. My sister gets married a week before me and she had her fitting in the beginning of November.
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