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I am looking for some suggestions on an affordable way to throw a bridal shower. My family is originally from Houston but we have all moved away. However I want my sister to have a shower with her friends and neighbors in Texas.

I am thinking it would be about 50 people. Ideally I want to provide alcohol so on my budget it would need to be byob.

I really don't want to spend more than $500-600 in total (food and venue). Right now my only idea is getting a gazebo at Herman park and bringing in BBQ or Mexican catering.

Does anyone have any other ideas that may work? I would appreciate any suggestions!

Re: Bridal shower

  • Recollection Vintage has space for showers, but I have never been there. I've only seen pictures on their website, but it looks really cute! Sorry don't have info on pricing or even how big the space is, but you could still check it out. 

    I think your gazebo idea at Herman Park, or any park is a great idea.  I'm not familiar with places that allow you to just rent the space and bring your own food and BYOB other than parks.


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  • I know The Chocolate Bar does parties and I've seen a bridal shower there before. You may want to check the Rice Village location out. They may even be able to point you to a BYOB in the village. 


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  • Thanks for the suggestions ladies! Both of these places look great!
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