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What's the best way to back out of using a vendor without sounding like an ass?

We already put a small deposit down with a certain vendor, but have decided to forgo using their services due to some gut feelings and some other issues.  I know that we're the clients and shoudn't really feel bad about this, but I have a guilt complex when it comes to certain things and this is one of those times.  Would it be rude if we sent an email as well as a letter via snail mail that's signed and dated and simply says that we've decided to go with someone else?  Anything else we should say?
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Re: What's the best way to back out of using a vendor without sounding like an ass?

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    If it were me, I wouldn't say you've gone with someone else. I would just say you've had a change of plans (or "due to unforseen circumstances") and you have to cancel your agreement with them, and you understand that according to the contract your deposit will be returned/forefitted, and you thank them for their time.

    Unless they really did something bad, in which case I'd specify what happened and say why you are canceling, if you are expecting a refund and/or apology. Plus maybe it'll wake them up and let them know that they need to fix these issues if they want other people's business.
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    I had to do this twice- once cause we changed our minds/direction of the wedding and one similar to you where it was more of a gut feeling. I sent you a PM with details on how I did it- hope it helps!
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    Thanks so much ladies! 

    gymchick - I just saw your PM but my computer wouldn't let me respond.  For the vendor you had a contract with, did you send an email or an actual letter?
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    I agree with PP'ers, but I would start with a call though.  Followed by an e-mail to put it in writing.
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    I just sent an email and saved the response. I figured that was good enough :)
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