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Pale Skin

My skin is white and I do not tan at all, I just burn. I would not like to be pale for my wedding, but I would rather be pale than red. Do you have any suggestions for a spray on or a lotion? I only have 25 days til my wedding. Thanks so much!

Re: Pale Skin

  • I myself, rocked the pale girl look.  I mean, I'm normally NOT tan, so why would I fake it for my wedding?  I still wanted to be myself on the day. 
  • I wouldn't try a spray or self tanner so close to your wedding. The only thing I would recommend would be the Jergen's lotion for pale skin that you apply every day and it very subtle tints your skin.

  • I just did a spray tan and it was great, but you are awfully close to your wedding.  You could try it now and see what you think, but if you don't like it, then your kinda stuck without options for the day.  I would go with what the PP said and get the jergens lotion that gives you a light glow.  GL!

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  • I'm a pale one too! Not in my bio pics because I did airbrush tanning for friends weddings. I am not doing anything this time, I'm going to rock my pale skin! hahaha
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  • I am super pale too. I am just going with my pale skin for my wedding day. If you're like me, most self tanners turn me yellow and make me look like I have jaundice (so not attractive). One I found that is AMAZING is coppertone gradual tan lotion. Its like the jergens, but works faster. When I use it I use it for two days in a row, then every other day, or every two days to maintain. Its the only fake product that looks natural and doesn't get too dark on me. Its not tan by anyone else's standards, but it takes away that harsh whiteness of skin.

    Also, if you make a mistake with self tanner and need to erase, hydrogen peroxide works pretty well to fade.
  • Brides shouldn't really be TAN (unless it's natural of course!). I'm very fair in the winter (January wedding) therefore I ordered my dress color accordingly. Rock your paleness, you will be beautiful!
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    Some women are comfortable rocking their pale skin and I normally am too but I had some uneven-ness to my skin tone (on my back and arms) that I knew I would be self-concious about in photos. Also when I get nervous, my chest tends to get pink/red. A spray tan helped me with these issues.

    I did a trial just 4 weeks before my wedding because it does not last very long- 5 to 7 days max. For the big day, I went 2 days before my wedding so that I would have it for the rehearsal/dinner too. I used Mystic Tan and got Level 1. It was light enough to give me just a hint of color and not super obviously tan.
  • I wouldn't risk doing a spray tan or going and buying a self tanner right now... because you're so close to your wedding. If there's an oops... you have no time to fix it.  If you want a little color, get a light colored bronzer (CARGO's light bronzer or Too Faced's Snow Bunny are good ones... even Benefit's Hoola) and dust LIGHTLY with a fan brush on your cheekbones and decollate.  That will give you a bit of color without overdoing it. 

    If you want to rock the pale look, use a light pink or light peach blush and then a highlighter above your blush and down the center of your nose.  Don't overdo the highlight though.  You wouldn't want it to reflect in your photos. 
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  • I have not tried it yet myself but Loreal has a 1 day bronzer in their sublime collection.  My sister recommended it to me= she said it did not streak and washes right of with soap and water if you don't like it.  Its meant to be a 1 day thing.  She also said she slept on white hotel sheets without washing off the bronzer and it did not come off on the sheets so it shouldn't come off on a dress.  I'm in a wedding next week and just bought some for myself.  Its worth a shot especially since it washes right off
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  • i'd say go with one of the gradual lotions. it will take the edge off the whiteness while not making you look unnatural.
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  • I know it's not popular but you could also go to a nice tanning place and go to the UVA booth - the kind that doesn't burn, but just makes your skin produce melanin... But, from one pale girl to another, love the skin you're in!

  • I am super pale myself, and I plan on using the Jergen's lotion. That would be your best bet I think- especially so close to the wedding. If you are afraid of it being uneven or blotchy, have one of your bridesmaid's help you.
  • kelseymw - you used a spray tan? your skin looks fantastic in your photo! really natural looking.

    OP - i'd look around at the results of what other girls have tried... from no tanning to lotions to spray tans, etc. then choose the one that you think is going to fit into your time/budget constraints and work from there.

    but please don't do anything too drastic! i have really light skin myself, and i think anyone will look beautiful if they look as close to natural as possible :) because that kind of beauty will not fade or go in and out with trends over time.

  • Personally, any gradual tanner turns me orange, I really wouldn't recommend it if you haven't used it before. I would go get a spray bronzer, it's not permanent so you can try it before the wedding and if you don't like it it comes off in the shower
  • Try to go in and get the lightest spray tan to see if you like it, if it works maybe you could try a shade darker? I was in a wedding a few years ago and got the lightest spray tan and it was barely noticeable, but just enough that I didn't look like a zombie.
  • I'd be careful with gradual tanning lotions like Jergens - I'm also very pale, and when I tried it - despite being extremely careful about distributing it evenly - I ended up with orange streaks up my legs. 
  • Do a trial spray tan fast. Even spray tans can look fake on super fair skin which is why I always get a slight base tan before a spray tan by gong to the tanning bed for two weeks. I only do this for special occassions because I truly believe the sun is terrible for your skin!!!!  I think pale porcelain princess skin is beautiful, but here in Florida.....not so much. You could ask the technician for just a touch of color. You do still want to look like yourself.  Go fast for your trial. Good luck.  Jergens is also good, but if you are really pale.......you may still look artificial or get streaks. If you go the Jergen's route, don't forget to exfoliate and put lotion on your knees, elbows, and the tops of your feet.

  • Whatever you try, be careful! I am pale, but I have very yellow skin. Any tanning lotions or sprays I have ever used have looked orange on me.

    Maybe you could try to spend a few days in the sun (with sunscreen of course!) just to get a teeny bit of color?
  • I'm pretty pale too, and pretty much burn every time I am in the sun.  Unfortunately, spray tans always go on unevenly on me (I have even tried having a professional exfoliation before hand but to no avail) and they always tend to sweat off color onto my clothes :(  It was recommended to me to try going to a tanning bed once a week prior to the wedding for a really short period of time 6-8 minutes tops.  I am going to do it starting one month before my wedding. 
  • Pale is pretty =) And your fiance likes you just the way you are -- Look at Nicole Kidman & Reese Whitherspoon, pale & beautiful! Just make sure you have an excellent make-up artist to pick out a nice pink blush.  Personally, I'm pale and I have a tan bridal party, but I won't be tanning.  I haven't seen many fake tans that look good.  Less is more! 

  • I look like snow white year round, or like a lobster if I am in the sun too long (even with sunblock on).  I am rocking my own skin.  My mom and sister have tried to talk me into fake baking but its not me.  Be yourself.  Do what you feel is comfortable, but because your wedding is so close I wouldn't try anything new.  I have a friend that tried the lotion just before and she is like me, she looked jaundice.  So yellow.  I think her and I were in her bathroom for an entire night scrubbing!
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  • AKZ25AKZ25 member
    If you do try something and it dosen't turn out  tooth paste with some scrubbing  will remove it.
  • I think all the wonderfaul pale brides ( I myself am so pale I'm nearly transparent!) have given good advice. Rock your pale skin. It's about being confident with who you are, and those make the best pictures. I've had some friends who had spray tan wear onto their dress due to summer heat. So not a look that most brides want. Tan is such a trvial thing in the US, in Asia and Africa they bleach their skin to be lighter. Sad story, but true. I'm sure you'll look beautiful being you!
  • I'm pale and plan to be that way for my wedding because that's who I am.  Why completely change my appearance?  Plus, my photographer says that my pale skin will work better in the photographs; I don't know if he's just being nice, but look at models and the likes--not very tan.
  • mch07cmch07c member
    Thank you ladies for all your advice! I think I'm just going to stick with my skin as is and if I get a little darker from being out in the sun the next few weeks then so be it! Otherwise, I'll just rock my pale skin. After all, my fiance did fall in love with me like this! Thank you again. I may try some suggestions later if I feel like tanning, but not so close to my wedding. I'd rather be pale than orange or red!
  •  If you have 25 days you have plenty of time to see what a spray tan looks like.  Just go to your salon and let them know that you just want a glow.  They mix the colors themselves so you can get the exact color you are looking for.  If you don't like it, you can shower it off right away...worst case scenario. 
  • Trust your pale sisters here, avoid faking it! You'll look stunning!
  • I'm pale too!  Just go with it, you will look lovely. 

    If you want to add a small amount  of color to look slightly sun kissed, try dusting on some bronzer.  I use Bobbi Brown.  Go to a dept store make up counter and ask for some advice or tips if you are doing your own makeup.  If you change your mind or don't like it you can can always take it off (unlike a spray tan)
  • In Response to Re: Pale Skin:
    [QUOTE]I wouldn't try a spray or self tanner so close to your wedding. The only thing I would recommend would be the Jergen's lotion for pale skin that you apply every day and it very subtle tints your skin.
    Posted by alecat9[/QUOTE]

    Be very careful with this stuff, it still leaves stains/marks on clothing like other lotion tanners do, so it will get on your dress after a full day of sweating and dancing and walking aroun, and will stain your hands orange if you're not careful to wipe your palms after using it. It does look pretty good and natural though, so its a decent option. 
    My good friend did spray tan and she looked a little tan but very natural. Basically like she'd just spent a little time outside. I'd go with light subtle spray tan personally. 
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  • The Jergen's totally works. I was in a wedding in October and had a short selves tan line but was wearing a Vneck/tanktop dress, worked like a charm.

    i didn't get the loation until 3 days before the wedding and applied like 5 times a day, it still worked perfectly. If you have a couple of weeks, you'll have plenty of time. :)

    best part...it doesn't even streak your hands up! :)
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