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I am getting married next October and am looking into doing a sweets (candy) bar. I am wanting to make caramel apples, kettle corn, and have other types of candy available. My question is, if I am having 150 people at the reception, how many caramel apples should I plan for? I was thinking one per person but that seems like an awful lot since there are other things to choose from. Do you also think that estimating 2-3 cups of kettle corn per person is sufficient? I am going to be making both of the caramel apples and kettle corn roughly a week before the wedding. I really appreciate your input!


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    I would definitely plan on having one caramel apple per guest attending. Better to have a few extra if guests didn't want one than not enough.

    2 cups of kettle corn per guest sounds like a good amount. Will the kettle corn be pre-packaged for your guests?
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    No, i am planning on just having it as a part of the candy bar. It is going to be in a large jar like everything else. That is why I am wondering if 2-3 cups pp will be enough...
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    I was just at a wedding with a similar dessert bar.  They had both popcorn and candy apples.  There were definitely NOT 150 apples, more like 10 (there were about 50 people at the wedding).  They were big and me and my DH split one.  However, their dessert bar was very elaborate and they also served gelato and wedding cake.

    I would say do no more than 50 apples (depending on your final count), especially if they are big enough to split.  With plenty of other options to go around, you aren't expected to have enough of every single thing for each person.  If it was your only favor, that would be different.  And I think 2 cups of popcorn per person is plenty. 

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    This is no help at all, but that sounds sooo incredibly yummy!

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