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Alright, hopefully TK decides to cooperate today :)  How was everyone's weekend?  What'd you do?  What planning do you have this week?


  • I went on Saturday to my florist because she was doing a sample centerpiece arrangement for me.  I LOVE IT!  So happy :)  Here's a picture!

  • Im mailing my invites today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh! Im so excited.

    Didnt do alot this weekend except hang out at home and get caught up on laundry.

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  • My aunt and uncle, who are also my godparents, met me and FI in Frankenmuth on Saturday for lunch. I was told it was for a belated birthday lunch, but it ended up being much more special. After a little bit of wedding talk, my uncle asked me if I had someone to preform the ceremony. I told him my mom knew some people, but it was never discussed in depth yet. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a certificate and handed it to me. He had gotten ordained the previous week, and asked if he could do it. 

    ...of course I started crying. FI and I had talked about him doing the ceremony, but I was always to nervous to ask him. I didn't want him to feel obligated to do it. But the fact that he went and prepared for it and surprised me makes it mean SO much more. 

    I'm so happy that is now figured out and out of the way. Now I just have to get my save the dates out this week. Hopefully.
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  • Meegles4Meegles4
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    This week:
    - Thank you notes for shower
    - Write up the last couple items for our day-of paper products
    - day-of timeline

    I still also really need to find some jewelry.

    NWR, we're hosting a little party for one of FI's friends who was on Jeopardy. He won a game on Jan. 31 and then they had a month-long tournament thing, so Wednesday is his second appearance. We're really excited for him!!!
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  • My weekend was ok.  My FI went to look at a car (he needs a new one).  I went with him and we ended up finding a great used car with low miles.  I also babysat, made 20 more invites, caught up on laundry, and did some more house hunting.

    This week I plan to apply to more jobs, look at more houses, and work on more invites.
  • I wanted to get stuff done so bad this weekend and it just didn't happen. One of my clients had their web site hacked so I ended up having to take a look at that and will probably be fixing that throughout the week instead of doing wedding stuff.

    I'm starting to panic about food for the wedding, I feel like we should have already nailed the specifics down and we're really only just beginning - I'm hoping FI can take care of that stuff this week.
  • i am 90 days out :) and this weekend was spent printing invitations and stamping envelopes (which the ink still isnt dry?) this week i hope to start addressing some envelopes and get ready for mailing. 

    FI and i booked a chicago trip for st.patricks day weekend so i need them done before that. any girls go to chicago and can recommend anywhere to eat or go out??
  • We are under the 3 week mark!  I am getting so excited!!

    On the to do list this week:
    - Apply for marriage license and pick it up
    - Color my hair
    - Finish up corsages and boutoneers
    - Buy a card box (the idea we had totally did not work, so gonna make it easy for ourselves and do something much simplier).
    - Make my day before appointment for a mani and pedi
    - Bachelor and Bachelorette parties on Saturday
  • Weekend was uneventful. FI worked all weekend so we didnt do much. This week i need to nail down meetings with dj's and an officiant, mail the flower deposit and pick out and order STD's and possibly send a deposit for the cake topper. I also need to make a hair cut appointment so I can kill two birds and talk to FI's about hair and makeup. I need to get my butt in gear! Oh, and make it to the Y and swim at least 3 times.
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  • I had a pretty good weekend! I had an unexpected weekend off which is always nice. I got to catch up on all the housework that's been neglected all week and spend time with FI. This week I have a ton of WR to do!! I need to let all my girls know about bridesmaid dresses and get them ordered! I also need to set up a meeting with the DJ and photog. I am in the process of getting hotel block information. I would also like to get my invites started. I feel so behind - I'm at 5 1/2 months and really starting to feel the pressure!! But I am SO excited to be so close to marrying FI!
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  • We are creeping up on 100 days (or should I say it's creeping up on us?!) We went to Men's Warehouse, President Tuxedo and Joseph A Bank yesterday to check out tuxes. FI was funny.. We were on our way and he says ''I think this is the thing in our planning that we will disagree on the most''. I laughed & told him he pretty much gets to pick out whatever he wants since I picked out the BM dresses. We're going with a very classic look..black tuxes, black and/or gray bowties. No vests. FI knows his formalwear. We'll probably pick later in the week which place. Went skiing Saturday. Bashed my face on the mountain and woke up to whiplash which doesn't feel much better today. Hopefully the HM gets booked this week. The big thing I'm struggling with is my accessories. I've got a decent idea of what I want now, it's just a matter of finding something I love at a decent price. Also I'm starting to use myfitnesspal finally! I'm not trying to lose weight but I'm hoping it will help me keep an eye on what I'm eating to help control my hypoglycemia which has been really bad lately.
    June 16, 2012
  • Congrats on double digits Lesley!!
  • Got almost everything finished up this weekend, just a few small things to go.

    bachelorette night tomorrow (just a small spa night)
    rehearsal dinner Wed.
    Hopefully relaxing Thursday, but I'm tempted to go on a party bus to somerset for a shopping spree with my coworkers (monthy bonus, yay!) but I haven't decided if I will or not. 
    Friday...THE BIG DAY! Yay! Cannot believe it's finally here!
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  • In Response to Re: MMPP:
    Posted by Milsey32[/QUOTE]
    Thanks Milsey! It does not even feel real yet! 
    Oh and we ended up finding the coolest stuff for the popcorn buffet! But I think I ordered too much popcorn HA HA HA I was in panic mode and just ordered...so now we have 1200 cups of popcorn wagon popcorn LOL. What was I thinking?! 
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  • In Response to Re: MMPP:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: MMPP : Thanks Milsey! It does not even feel real yet!  Oh and we ended up finding the coolest stuff for the popcorn buffet! But I think I ordered too much popcorn HA HA HA I was in panic mode and just ordered...so now we have 1200 cups of popcorn wagon popcorn LOL. What was I thinking?! 
    Posted by baileyleev[/QUOTE]

    So close!! How exciting!
    And I am beyond jealous of your popcorn buffet. That sounds awesome. I am eating popcorn as I type.
    June 16, 2012
  • I have been engaged for 6 months and still havent asked my bridal party, even though I pretty much knew from the beginning who I was going to ask. I just didnt want to ask almost 2 years in advance, I feel comfortable starting to ask now or soonish so I ordered some cute "will you be my bridesmaids" cards off etsy last week and they came today!! I was literally jumping up and down on my driveway. So I will start asking my girls as I see them.

    Bailey, you must be so excited!! ahhh
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  • In Response to Re: MMPP:
    Posted by Milsey32[/QUOTE]
    Ditto this!  I can't believe how close it is for you :)  Sending you good weather vibes!!

    Not a lot during the week except for work. But on Saturday we have a nurse coming to the house to do some life insurance medical stuff.  Bleh.  She will have to draw blood and I'm dreading it.  I am one that passes out very easily when they take blood so it's not going to be good.

    Then on Sunday I leave for a work conference in Miami
  • Weekend was good even with the whole lady driving into my parents house thing. haha

    This week I need to call the music guy at the church, I have been slacking on this.

    I am getting all my acrylic frames in for my photobooth sometime this week.

    Start tanning cause Vegas is only a month away.

    I need to find some flower stamps to finish the invites.

    Its also my birthday on Sunday so I don't think much wedding related stuff will get done over the weekend.

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  • Steph- That's awesome!! I don't even know you, yet I got all teary when I read that. :) 

    Bailey- Eek!! I can't even imagine how excited/happy you are. 

    Anyways, this weekend was productive. We are officially 100% moved back into our master bedroom. Yay! Forgot just how much room we had. Not doing anything wedding related this week, just focusing on school and making it through finals. 

    If i pass Accounting, it'll be by the skin of my teeth. I'm struggling. It's a foreign language to me. LOL
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  • We have been running around like crazy the last few days and looked at a few venues that we are considering. We have a few more places to look at this week, and I think today I may have found "the dress". Going to get my mother's oppinion and hopefully get both of these decisions made by the end of the week :)
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  • edited February 2012
    It is great to hear everyone's progress!  

    So excited for you too Bailey, wishing you all the best!  

    We too are almost 100 days away.  I printed all of our envelopes and re-attached our invitations to our pockets.  I am sure you crafty ladies already know this but read the labels very closely if you do your own invitations.  I accidentally bought removable double sided tape instead of permanent and needed to re-do all 115 invitations.  They are all done, stuffed, stamped and just waiting until the 9th to be mailed :).

    I am working on our kissing balls.  These will be for our ceremony decorations for the chairs.  They will be our only fake flowers but I think they look great.  I am also slowly working on our programs but suffering from lack of creativity.  

    I also finished a grad paper.  To bad I have a ton left and no motivation for anything but wedding.

    This weekend I am running my second half marathon, having my first dress fitting, buying my wedding shoes and looking at combs!  YAY!  

    Hope everyone has a better week then mine has started off.  

    Happy Planning :)  
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