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Invitation OOPS!

So my invitations all printed up, envelopes addressed, and about half are sealed up and about ready for mailing (need to add stamp).  I intended to give a +1 on all above 18 guests who were not married or in a committed relationship. This includes a few of my cousins, who's invitations are sitting in the sealed and addressed envelope pile, without being noted that they could have a +1, as that is sitting near the invitation pile for the ones that still need to be sealed.  Nobody involved has to travel far (all within a 20 min drive), and the dress encouraged (if asked) is casual (something on the top, something on the bottom, preferably no holes). 

Should I just contact them individually and let them know word of mouth or should I open their invitations add the note and then reseal them/ go find the right size envelopes.

Re: Invitation OOPS!

  • Do you have both inner and outer envelopes? If you just have outer envelopes, you can just write "and guest" on the outer envelope.  If you have both, it would probably look goofy to have "and guest" on the outer, but not the inner, so I would skip this.  

    Otherwise, if it isn't a siginificant number of people, I would just give each one a call or send them an e-mail/Facebook message letting them know they are welcome to bring a guest.
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